Feminist protest over smoke grenade on red carpet – deadline

Cannes staged another protest on the red-carpet two days after naked women protested against violence against women in Ukraine.

Just then, a group of black-clad women blew up a banner and dropped black smoke grenades, raising their fists in the air. There is no official word yet on who protested, but the banner has a long list of women divided by the word “a woman.” According to our research, the names of the banners match those of women killed by men in France in cases of domestic violence.

The incident happened at the premiere of a competitive film Holy spider And was captured on Twitter. Security guards were seen in front and behind the protesters, but in the video below, the men decided to confront the protesters.

The movie Holy spider A feminist thriller about an Iranian woman who seeks the murder of a man by prostitutes.

According to the response on Twitter, those inside the auditorium were mostly unaware of the protest but at least one of the attendees posted that they could smell smoke inside.

More to come.

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