Film Independent 2022 sets 12 for the documentary lab – deadline

Film Independent has set filmmakers and projects for its 2022 documentary lab. The list includes Alyssa Figueroa (The Blue Wall brokew / t), Shalon Buskirk and Drew Swedberg (In love, in memory), Nada Riyadh and Ayman El Amir (Women’s land), Kit Vincent and Ed Aules (Red herringw / t), Alex Blair, Lauren Kushner and Alice McCave (Untitled Helen Project) and Jonathan Olshevsky and Elizabeth Day (Without arrows)

Lab is an intensive program that provides creative feedback to filmmakers Currently in a feature-length Docs post, its Fellows are introducing their professionals through professional development who can advise on both the craft and business of documentary filmmaking. Chris Shellen and Jeff Malmberg (Marwenkal) And Prado scientists (Working girl in America) Will serve as this year’s chief creative consultant, including additional lab mentors and guest speakers. Sara Dosa and Shane Boris (The fire of love), Academy Award nominee Jessica Kingdon (Climb), Matthew Radecki (founder, Design Unique), Emmy-winning producer Ali Janes, Carrie Lozano of the Sundance Institute, Emmy-nominated writer-editor Katherine Robson (Book circus) And editor-in-chief Sarah Nuance (On the record) UCLA is working as an industry partner for the Dock Law Clinic Lab, which is also supported by the National Endowment for the Arts.

“The films selected for this year’s lab represent fierce, unpleasant storytelling,” said Lisa Hasco, director of artist development. “From the personal to the political, and everywhere in between, these boundary-pushing filmmakers will take viewers in the most creative and immersive way.”

Film Independent Hall The non-profit art organization that creates the Spirit Awards also promotes artist development through programs. Involved in projects, through additional filmmaker labs (direction, episodic, production and screenplay), fast track finance market and fiscal sponsorship, as well as grants and prizes that provide visual storytellers more than এক 1 million annually. Notable projects Before Includes Kingdom supported by Documentary Lab ClimbBing Liu and Diane Quon’s Minding the GapSara Dosa and Shane Boris’ Seer and invisibleSarita Khurana and Smriti Mundhara A suitable girlDiana Winkler and Tina Brown United SkatesAnd Manzana of Ann Kaneko and Jean Yu-Kim Diverted: When the water becomes dustWhich recently premiered on POV.

More information on selected projects for the 2022 Documentary Lab can be found below.

The Blue Wall broke (Job title)
Director / Producer: Alyssa Figueroa
LOGLINE: Two Baltimore City police officers have accepted a fraternity order, and politicians are wary of passing it as they press Maryland law enforcement to repeal the Bill of Rights, one of the oldest and most powerful police shield laws in the country.

In love, in memory
Directors: Shalon Buskirk and Drew Swedberg
LOGLINE: In the wake of her son’s murder, Shalon Buskirk has combined intimate memories and intergenerational stories to reclaim her loss in the ghostly legacy of her city’s displacement.

Women’s land
Director: Nada Riyadh
Director / Producer: Ayman L. Amir
Logline: In a conservative village in southern Egypt, full of patriarchal domination and despair, a vibrant group of Coptic girls rejects the traditional role of forming an all-female street theater troupe. A portrait of an approaching age of girls in the twists and turns of their lives

Red herring (Job title)
Director: Kit Vincent
Producer: Ed Owls
Logline: After a young filmmaker was diagnosed with terminal cancer, he enlisted his family on an intimate and deeply humorous journey to help him cope with his illness.

Untitled Helen Project
Director: Alex Blair
Producer: Lauren Kushner
Producer: Alice McCave
Logline: Over the years, Helen has maintained a balance between being a rebel and the wife of a politician. Now that many of her older husbands depend on her, she jumps into excitement with her partner and love for herself.

Without arrows
Directors: Jonathan Olshevsky and Elizabeth Day
Logline: Pictured with true intimacy over a period of twelve years (2011-2022), Lakota describes the choices, events and relationships that shape the legacy of the Lakota family without arrows.

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