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The Sundance Film Festival, originally planned to open earlier this year before the growing coveted situation forced the festival to become virtual again, Oscar-winning writer-director Michele Hazanavicius made the right decision by emphasizing her comedy. Final Cut (Cut!) About making a bad zombie movie on a low budget, should be presented with a full house Theater, Fortunately a prestigious film festival will not be seen on your computer. He scored big to capture the real thing because it was chosen as the opening night of the 75th Cannes Competition Film. A movie that seems to fit perfectly is all about love Ready The movie should signal the full return of a fest dedicated to everything the movie has done for 75 years. And for this director whose 2011 black and white silent film Artist There was also a love letter for the film, and the best film and director premiered here on its way to the Oscars, which seems lucky.


If Cannes was looking for a good feeling, highly entertaining comedy to get back to normal after a few years of epidemic-devastating devastation, it has found it. Final Cut (A remake of a very low-budget 2017 Japanese hit) Although you may not know it for the first half hour or so, it’s basically about making a terrifying horror Z-grade zombie movie where French stars play characters with all the Japanese names (don’t ask). It’s actually a bloody mess with a plot by an insane director making the final sniff film as he discovers a place that was the scene of a Japanese murder in WW2 and is still haunted by death. He doubles down to get “sincerity” when one of his actors becomes a real zombie, infecting the whole production which descends into a horrible hell, when head and arm fly and the actors and crew themselves become zombies, everything is demanded for perfection. . Shooting all this in real time for a live online presentation by this crazy movie maker.

Hazanavicius rehearsed his original cast for five weeks to close the sequence, all in a carefully choreographed single shot (an additional edit was added). At first glance this is an impressive technical achievement, but you will be surprised to see what the director actually remembers. Where could this thing possibly be going? 30 minutes after the “last credit” roll in the film we soon learn when a screen shot says “a month ago”, and Ready Of Ready About this movie Ready The zombie movie begins when an enterprising Japanese producer named Mme Matsoda (Yoshiro Takehara) tries to engage director Remy (Romen Doris) with his idea for a French adaptation of a “live” online Japanese zombie film, which he says is a huge hit in his home country. . Despite initially avoiding the idea, Remy is tempted and eventually takes on the role of director himself when the crash hits his two main stars 45 minutes before showtime, as does his wife Nadia, a retired actress who has become a makeup artist. The acting had to stop because he could not separate his role from real life. Berenice Bezo, the real wife of Hazanavicius, became the perfect casting in all the iterations. My graduate, He even manages to look her in the head with an ax.

This is where Final cut Cleverness and elegance really come into play for the first half hour, and the audience gets to see the whole thing put together, Warts and everything, a magic trick only possible in the movie and it’s as he showed Artist, It’s about the director’s own love of filmmaking and the reassurance of the people in front of and behind the scenes who are responsible for them, and it includes the bad as in-film. Even though it works with zombies and unimaginably terrifying flicks, it’s a tribute to the movie if ever, Hazanavicius’ own kind Day for night, But not the high level of the 1973 Franোয়াois Truffaut’s love letter, great for making movies. Anyway this one has a zombie.

Joel C. Ryan Invasion / AP

It also helps to have a great ensemble cast to pull off this hat trick and we have one led by Doris and Bezor. Finegan Oldfield as Rafael, solid lead actor, and Matilda Lutz as Ava, the lead actress are both excellent, along with Sebastian Chasagne, Rafael Quinard, Gregory Gadebois, Jean-Pasal Zidi, Lais Salem, Agnes Harsel, Agnes Harsel. , And even the two daughters of Hazanavicius, Raika and Simone, the latter beautifully playing the role of the daughter of the fictional director of the film. Takehara was a perfect hut as a Japanese producer and actually played the same role in that original 2017 Japanese film by Shinichiro Ueda, One cut of the dead Which, of course, made the video an overnight remake Ghost in the box) That follows his template.

Alexander Desplat provides a perfectly pitched score, and the technical credits revolve around both the horror zombie movie and the movie it makes. Special shouts for Jonathan Rickberg’s cinematography and Mikel Dumontier’s film editing. Hazanavicius produced with Brahim Chiua, Alain de la Mata, Nomi David, Vincent Maraval and John Penotti. North American distribution should be a no brainer.

You go My graduate With a smile on your face, and better reason to start a big anniversary party at this year’s Cannes Film Festival I can’t think of.

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