First look at EA Drop ‘Star Wars JD: Survivor’

Has released the first trailer for EA Star Wars JD: SurvivorWhich will be out next year.

Fallen orders It was a huge hit for EA, and rumors of its sequel have been circulating ever since. There have been big rumors over the last few months that the first look of the sequel will be unveiled at the Star Wars celebration. When a panel conference for an upcoming AAA game is taking place Star Wars JD: Survivor The title was recently leaked.

JD’s return

After months of rumors, EA has finally revealed the first look of Cal Caste’s next adventure with a teaser trailer. The trailer features Cal, a terrific Pawan Imperial senator, and a new look for what the Marines in the tank look like. In the footage, Cal is seen duplicating a mysterious red lightsaber Wilder.

At the end of the trailer, it further notes that the game will be released in 2023. Fallen orders Sequel, Response is developing many more games far away in the galaxy. You can watch the first teaser trailer for the next one Star Wars JD The game Down.

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