For exploring the ‘Saltwata Vibes’ documentary Simeon and Sara Mekba Daisy –

Siblings from the popular 1990s Nickelodeon TV show and children of Ron and Natalie Dais. Gulla Gulla Island –Simeon Daisy (CW) All American, FX SnowfallCheap by the dozen‘) And Sara Mekba Daisy is teaming up for Executive Product Saltwata Vibes.

The siblings will document their gulla gichhi identity, culture, its evolution, heritage, challenges and their journey to create a mess of culturally relevant and culturally modernized generationally relevant. The documentary will be directed by Sherrad “Shakespeare” Duval, who is also a producer. Saltwata Vibes Filming is now underway in South Carolina and is slated for release in the spring of 2023

As Golla Gichi of their generation faces the challenge of finding an identity when you are born into a culture that is within a culture, that is within a culture – this documentary will take them from South Carolina to Sierra Leone and back.

Saltwata Vibes Sarah and Simeon follow as they make their way to their home on St. Helena Island, Simeon’s Stumping Ground in Los Angeles, to their ancestral home in Sierra Leone. In search of a past that may be able to inspire the future. Today, they represent a new era of African-Americans off the coast of Sea Island, immersed in the cultural heritage of Gulla Gichi, immersed in its story and language. Their generation is now asking, where is our identity in this blend of West African and South Carolina cultural heritage, mingled through slavery, turned into products through tourism and now influenced by a modern, mediocre world? They have worked closely with a diverse team of gulla gichi experts, music historians, linguists and musicians to help navigate the film’s narrative with the right cultural and historical context.

“As a public historian and afrofuturist,” says Sarah, “I am delighted to highlight that the evolution, creativity, and agency of Gulla Gichi’s people and culture are just as important as the incredibly important history.” Simeon added, “Gulla culture is the inspiration and foundation behind so much cultural evolution and progress. Our culture is ostensibly a gold mine that everyone except us has cashed in on. “

Saltwata Vibes It will also introduce us to eminent scholars who talk about culture and language evolution, chefs who are reviving gulla food, musicians, fashion designers and LGBT activists who are actively redefining inherited culture and what it means to be identified as gulla gichi. .

The Puffin Foundation, SC Arts Commission, Southern Documentary Fund, SC Humanities Council, will provide funding.

Seymour Daisy is represented by OTR Media Group and Seymour Daisy.

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