Frank Grillo set for ‘Merciless’, Juan Pablo Rabaa set for ‘Sombra’ – Deadline

Frank Grillo is ready to star in Liam O’Donnell’s horror-thriller Merciless, Which Sentient Pictures International is shopping for in the ear this week. The company has announced that Colombian actor Juan Pablo Raba (Peppermint, Narcos) Has been tapped to lead Antonio Negret’s new action thriller Monday.

Merciless The director behind the XYZ film is Liam O’Donnell Skyline Frankie will be producing alongside Andy Shafter for Renee Tab, Pierre Morel and Tuffin SPI. Taffin developed the story Cooler The author is Frank Hanna, who wrote the script. Major photography is set to begin in Alabama in August 2022.

Inside Ruthless, When his wife is possessed by a corrupt spirit, the top interrogator of the government seeks revenge on those closest to the entity in his previous life so that it can be expelled from his body, not just to discover what it seems.

Monday, Whatever it is Suicide Squad ‘s Interview with Daniela Melchio’s Star, following the story of the Colombian cartel, who never expected the single most dangerous threat of their drug smuggling campaign to be a equipped police dog. When man’s best friend becomes the number one enemy of the Gulf group, they kill his life and kidnap Sombra.

His handler must overcome adversity to rescue his beloved comrade from the clutches of Colombia’s most notorious criminal organization. In all, Sombra’s bust arrested 245 people and seized 2,000 kilograms of cocaine, and twice won him the Wilson Quintero Medal, an honor for his significant contribution to the fight against drug trafficking.

Tab, Pierre Morel and Tuffin will produce on behalf of SPI. Michael and Ginny Miller of Miller Way will be the executive producers. Negret Daniel Negret (Entitled, Protease)

This is the third collaboration between SPI and Rubber, who starred in SPI’s action-thriller Peppermint In contrast to Jennifer Garner and action-comedy Freelance In contrast John Cena and Allison Brie. SPI partners and productive Taken Both films are directed by director Morel.

SPI is managing the international sales of both titles while the internal rights of both films are being co-established by SPI and UTA Film Independent.

SPI has also entered into a first look agreement with CDC, a leading film distributor in Latin America, Mexico and Brazil.

Grillo CAA, represented by Management 360, 42 West and Paul Hastings. O’Donnell is repp by Zero Gravity Management and Miloknay Weiner’s law firm Eric Williams.

Negret was raped by Centient, Paradigm, and Attorney Eric J. Fagg. Raba is presented by Impression Entertainment and Garsh. Melchior has been replaced by CAA and Brave Artist Management.

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