Gabrielle Union is celebrating Jaya Wade’s 15th birthday

Gabriel Union Jaya is celebrating Wade’s 15th birthday. See the post he shared below.

‘Happy 15th Birthday আমরা We all love you so much in Jayawardene and you make us proud every day! You are such a gift and blessing in all our lives #campjaya, ‘says Gabriel.

Someone said: ‘You still don’t know how you got out of that pool toss @ Jayawade.’

One follower posted: ‘It makes me so happy! Happy birthday @ Jayawade. ‘

One fan says: ‘For me the role of crocodile death that came out of being thrown into the pool,’ and one fan says: ‘How Jaya came out of being thrown out of the pool. HBD !. ‘

Someone said: ‘The way he twisted from that flying. I just violated and held my breath. ‘

Gabriel Union Fans of Kavia James featured in the picture. Check out the photos she shared on her social media account below.

‘When @kaaviajames started laughing like this, it came out of the blue and none of us understood why he was doing it. Now I get it. He’s trolling meeeeeee swipe to see how Cave thinks I’m laughing. It really has to be your own kids! # ShadyBaby, ‘he wrote.

Also, Gabriel Union Rochelle praised Ballantine. Check out the latest reports about the lady he recently praised

Shed Room notes that ‘today’s #WCW has beauty and brains. Rochelle Ballantine, a 26-year-old law student and chess expert who plans to become the first black female chess master in the United States, said studying law was not a challenge enough.

‘For the last 10 years, Rochelle has been trying to get a 2200 rating and there is another chance to do it in about 4 months. What was once a friendly competition between her and her grandmother quickly turned into a personal love for the game and hoped to inspire other young black girls, ‘TSR added.

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