Gisele Bundchen was naked to promote the new Barberry ad

Gisele Bundchen was naked for the new Barberry Advertising. After the secret social media posting of the creative director of Barberry, it is finally clear that Gisele Bundchen is the star of the new advertising campaign.
The author of the new ad is Italian-Swiss fashion photographer duo Luigi and Yango, with Susan Kolar responsible for the styling.

In a photo and video promotion of the TB Monogram collection, centered around the brand’s signature monogram, Gisele Bundchen tried to reveal bodysuits, swimsuits, cardigans, bright sweatshirts and stockings.
In the previous post. You can find bikinis.

The holiday season is approaching, which means that many girls are starting to look for the same swimwear where happy beach pictures and pool and sea swimming will be repeated. We show you the most popular swimwear styles of 2022 – both one-piece and bikini – and tell you which brand to look for.

Frankies bikini
Religious motifs, heavenly flowers, or a simple cage – if one of these patterns is applied to a white swimsuit, the beach look begins to coincide with one of the trends set by global brands.

The general interest in aesthetics of the 2000s could not be reflected in the trend of swimwear. So next summer, feel free to remember the models you wore 20 years ago and bet on Tiger prints, glitter, rhinestones and logomania.

As if imitating Mason Valentino’s passion, swimwear designers fell in love with Fuchsia. So now, to be the star of the beach and pool area, it is enough to wear a monokini in a bright pink shade. And back in town, a one-piece swimsuit could quickly turn into a bodysuit.

With a little help from the channel’s creative director Virginie Viard, black swimwear has become a hot trend from a major trend in the summer of 2022. Designers offer not only monochromatic models but also bikinis with contrasting stitching or delicate embellishments.

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