Gloria Calderon Kellett and Taran Killam are working on the Rom Com series ‘Arranged’

Exclusive: Freevee is developing Amazon’s ad-supported video streaming service Sort of, Half Hour Single-Camera Romantic Comedy Series Co-written and Produced by Executive With love Creator Gloria Calderon Kelet and Live Saturday night alum Taran Killam. The project originated from Kelat’s Glonation Studios under the company’s overall agreement with Amazon Studios.

Arranged Following a self-destructing movie star (Kilam) and an ambitious pop Latina diva who agreed to a mutually beneficial “public relations” to sell her upcoming breakup album and help save her ailing career, a decision they quickly regret when they They quickly realize that they hate each other’s courage.

The series is fictional but has obvious points of mention: a high-profile romance between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, as well as Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson.


Kelet and Kilam will co-produce with Mark Provisiro (Pen 15) For Kellett’s GloNation banner as part of its Amazon Studios contract. There is a chance to play the role of Kelet in the series if it goes ahead, I heard.

“One of the great joys of the rush is the people who become families along the way,” Kelet said. “Taran Kilam is such a person. We’ve known each other for 17 years, done black box theater in LA, and delighted each other in our various endeavors, dreaming of the moment when we will be able to work together again in reality. It’s a pleasure that he brought me this idea. And I’m so excited to be able to work with some of the kindest, funniest and most talented men in the industry. The dream came true. “

Kelet recently made her mark in the rum-com space with her first series for Prime Video’s Holiday-themed Amazon Studio. With love. Well received by critics and fans alike, the show was renewed for the second season, which will start shooting again this summer.

“I’m excited to take on a pessimistic basis and find optimism in it,” Kilam said. “I like romantic comedy. And no one writes about love and human heart better than my dear friend Gloria. The title has a show with her literally love. And with WITH in the title. It has a show with WITH and LOVE in its headlines With lovee. “

Kellett is a skilled showrunner who co-produced one show at a time and is currently in pre-production for two shows at Amazon Studios.

Also With love I also had a stomach The horrors of Dolores Roach Series for Amazon, which he is producing with Bloomhouse, Spotify and Gimlet. Its wide slate is also included Burning, A half-hour adult animation musical series based on the graphic novel Mismatched (written by Debbie Wolf and Marcos Luvanos). Kelet, who co-produced and produced the acclaimed executive One day at a time Reboot has been relaunched by UTA, Odenkirk Provisiro Entertainment and attorneys Patty Felker and JR McGuinness.

Kilam is playing a role in FX Impeachment: American Crime Story. He has acted before Single father, Which ran for two seasons on ABC. Its features include credit Night School, The Hit, Slave at 12 Years And debut in his management To kill Gunther, Co-star Arnold Schwarzenegger. He will be seen later in Universal Wild river, Directed by Ben Ketai. Kilam is represented by UTA and Attorney Jamie Affie.

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