Halsey responded to critics’ complaints about her ‘unhealthy’ appearance

Halsey Responds to critics’ complaints about her ‘unhealthy’ appearance. The ‘Nightmare’ creator had enough critical comments on social media to share a TikTok video to protect himself, just days after he informed fans of his poor health.

Halsey, 27, reacted harshly to some harsh comments about his health. The singer, who recently opened up to her fans about multiple medical diagnoses, shared a video on TikTok on May 18, addressing critical messages circulating on social media. In the footage, Halsey stared into the distance as some comments appeared on the screen.

Halsey played the music video for Walworth and Havel’s “I Already Know”. The new guardian sneered at the critics in their caption, writing: Halsey’s reaction came days after he told fans he had four different syndromes, including Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, Sjogren’s syndrome, fight with mast cell activation syndrome, and postural auricular syndrome. After.

Halsio had previously suffered from bipolar disorder and ADHD. The singer was very outspoken about her battle with endometriosis, which affected her fertility and led to three miscarriages. Halsey had to undergo several surgeries due to endometriosis, and at times, the singer, and the performer of the hit “Without Me” did not think that he and his partner could have children at all. Fortunately, in 2020, Halsey was able to conceive her first child with her boyfriend, director Alev Aydin. The couple’s son, Ender Ridley Aidin, was born in July 2021.

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