Harvey Weinstein can take legal action for self-published Tell-All – Deadline

Awaiting trial for sex offenders in Los Angeles, Harvey Weinstein has become a lucrative literary sensation today. A self-published Tom about the captive producer has been released for sale on Amazon and Weinstein’s team is considering legal action.

Title Harvey Weinstein: My Story, The memoir was independently published by Amazon on May 10 in various formats. The book was available for purchase on Amazon until Friday afternoon, when the list was abruptly removed.

Although the book is alleged to have been written by Weinstein, Newsweek reported Friday that the book was written by two of his fellow prisoners. It was compiled by Dennis Sobin, director of the non-profit Prison Foundation, which exposes the culprits.

“The work published by the Prisons Foundation is not related to Harvey Weinstein. Any suggestion that this farce is” autobiographical “is clearly false and a hoax. We are currently seeking legal redress,” said Weinstein’s attorney, Alan Jackson.

The book was later removed by Amazon. “All publishers must follow our content guidelines and our Terms of Service,” the company said in a statement. “This book is no longer for sale and we have taken appropriate action on the publisher’s account.”

The 203-page book is a test of Weinstein’s career, which was derailed in 2017.

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