‘He has signed a deal’: Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson were suspected

‘He has signed a contract’: Kim Kardashian And Pete Davidson There was suspicion of fictional romance. After severing ties with her husband Kanye West, Kim Kardashian was no longer alone – in a relationship with TV star comedian Pete Davidson, who is 13 years younger than her. In a new episode of the reality series Keeping Up With the Kardashians, which aired a few months ago, Kim hinted at a relationship with Pitt. Kardashian did not reveal the name of her loved one at the time, but it is now clear that it was about Davidson.

The new episode of the show has sparked another wave of discussion on the web. Internet users are convinced that Kim and Pete have signed a contract and their romance is fictional. They don’t believe that this couple is really in love.

“She’s just a contract lover and nothing else.” “There’s a deal on Pitt’s Hulu show; it’s not a real relationship. Also, the only reason Kim is with Pitt is because he couldn’t get Courtney and Travis’ attention. The press”, “None. Do you really believe that their relationship is sincere? “

Kim and Pete started dating in October last year. At first, they didn’t advertise their relationship, but then they started going out together. Kim notes that she is easy and fun with her boyfriend. Her daughter’s choice is also endorsed by Chris Jenner, who calls her chosen one, Kim, a very kind person. But ex-husband Kim Kanye is not happy with West Davidson and actively opposes their relationship.

Every year Kim Kardashian captivates fans with her met gala style. Internet users have been arguing for days that businesswoman Jean-Lewis wants to appear on the ball in “nude” Marilyn Monroe outfits. In an interview, she let it slip that she would only wear famous clothes if she could fit into it.

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