Heidi Klum’s daughter Lenny Klum chose her mother’s prom dress

Actress Her daughter Lenny Klum has chosen her mother’s prom dress. An apple from an apple tree: Comparing photos from 2022 and 1998

Heidi Klum’s 18-year-old daughter Lenny, like her mother, who chose a career as a model, posted interesting pictures on social networks about the outfit her parents wore on the set of the 1998 HBO comedy show Comic Relief. The short black dress made of satin silk makes Lenny look great, emphasizing the dignity of her fragile figure.

Lenny Klum actively develops her accounts on social networks, has performed at multiple fashion shows, has been the cover heroine of glossy publications, and has already created a personalized capsule collection. The famous title guarantees Lenny access to all notable events, which he enjoys using the rising star. Yesterday, for example, Klum Jr. appeared as the guest of honor on the pink carpet at the Cancer Series 2022 TV series festival.

Lenny poses for reporters in a Dior Two-Piece suit with an avant-garde print in a perforated green shade. Combined with a classic white sleeveless shirt, flared shorts and high black beret under the cropped jacket, effectively emphasizes the fragile image of the young model. To avoid comparisons with the star’s mother, Lenny recently changed her hair color, from blonde to a chestnut tone that conveniently sets the girl’s blue eyes.

“Graduation in mom’s attire,” Lenny signed her post, and Heidi commented on the “love” emoji. The blue-eyed beauty complements her spectacular outfit with an elegant diamond necklace and a black leather handbag adorned with rhinestones.

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