Helen Mirren, 76, and Andy McDowell, 64, star in the premiere of ‘Younger’

Helen Mirren, 76, and Andy McDowell, 64, star in the premiere of ‘Inger Brother’ in Cannes. Pictures of actresses dancing on the red carpet have surfaced in the inner courtyard.
Last Friday, May 27, ‘Little Brother’ was screened at the Cannes Film Festival. The film was presented by director and screenwriter Leonor Serre and starring Annabelle Langron, Stefan Buck and Ahmed Silla.

Celebrities including actress Helen Mirren and Andy McDowell attended the premiere. Miren appeared in a floor-length silver dress and black shoes with flowing hair and bright makeup. McDowell, in turn, “walked” in a long sleeveless dress with a fluffy skirt. The image was complemented by corpse curls and makeup with raspberry lipstick.
The actresses have posed together for secular photographers and at times, even danced in the middle of the red carpet.

Earlier, it was reported that stylist Emma Pietras had invited celebrities who imitated the style of the Queen of Great Britain. The sun wrote about it.
Among the stars inspired by the style of Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain, experts distinguish her grandchildren, Prince William and Prince Harry’s wives. According to Emma Pietras, Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, wore a costume inspired by the dress of 1963 Queen Elizabeth II at the London premiere of the 2021 James Bond film No Time to Die.

And Meghan Merkel’s dress, which the Duchess of Sussex visited at Buckingham Palace in 2018, reminds the stylist of the Queen of Great Britain dress from her famous pre-wedding portrait.
According to Emma Pietras, Jennifer Lopez and Victoria Beckham also copied Elizabeth II’s style. So, in 2015, J. Lowe appeared in public in a yellow floor-length dress. The Queen of Great Britain chose a silhouette and color similar to her dress during her state visit to Canada in 1977.

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