Hopi Goldberg has something to say after defending Caitlin Jenner

Caitlin Jenner There is a message for Hoopi Goldberg After defending President Joe Biden. See what happened as revealed by the shed room below.

Hoopy Caitlin Jenner is on the bad side after ‘The View’ commented on Joe Biden’s defense.

This is said to be due to rising gas prices and shortage of baby formula.

“The price of gas is not bad because of what President Biden has done,” Hoopi said. That’s exactly what he will exploit. ‘

TSR further noted that Caitlin was not feeling Hoopi’s comment and tweeted, ‘Come on, @Hupigoldberg… I have known you for years and I think you are a good soul. But it is crossing the line.

He continued, adding that “Biden is the most ineffective leader, as are many of his employers, and this administrator has not provided a highly responsible and effective solution.”

Shed Room added that despite public criticism he was receiving, President Biden was taking steps to address the shortage.

Someone said: ‘The crazy part is people don’t know how the government works, how the president works and it’s sad. America as a collective dumb like hell. We have to do better. ‘

One commenter posted this: ‘He is right, although he has nothing to do with Biden. Especially with gas, which is a global problem, not a country’s problem.

One fan said: ‘You can hate Biden for a lot of things, but it can be a problem no matter who the president is. Hoopi did not lie when he said that when they randomly decide to blame someone, no one talks about the cause of the problem. If Biden is not president, the price of crude oil will still skyrocket.

One follower posted: ‘Common sense will tell you he’s right. All these things have a ripple effect from the epidemic. He did not have a year. This is the year of cleanliness. ‘

Someone else said: ‘She is not wrong. The epidemic caused a shortage of infant formula, when factories closed. The PPL is now feeling the impact because there was a surplus. Biden was not president at the time of the outbreak.

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