How Kumail Nanjiani filmed ‘Star Wars’ different from Marvel

Kumail Nanjiani shared the difference between working Star wars Compared to the Marvel set.

Actor Kumail Nanjiani is one of the many actors who are part of the latest episode of Lucasfilm. Star wars Event series, OB-One Kenobi. This is the latest big franchise outing for the actor, who recently debuted in his Marvel Cinematic Universe. Eternal.

With OB-One Kenobi Near its long-awaited premiere at Disney Plus, Kumail Nanjiani was recently interviewed by Entertainment Weekly. Naturally, he was asked about the opportunity to work in both franchises and shared many differences. Star wars And Marvel:

“I think so Star warsThe difference was obviously work Eternal, It’s MCU. Everyone is a fan of MCU, but we’re working on new characters, aren’t we? People don’t really know these letters and don’t really know this part of MCU. So this is a new universe that is being created when you go. With Star wars, You are really stepping into something that has been established for a long time. It’s still the same visual language, people know this letter.

So, to me, that thing sets Star wars Anything really other than what I did is how the whole crew was a huge fan Star wars. People wore it every day Star wars Chibakka in clothes, T-shirts. And just everyone was really, really excited to work every single day Star wars. And I’ve never done a job where every single day you can feel that everyone is grateful for being there.

I’ll go to work and they’ll say, ‘Oh, you know what we did yesterday? We did it. And then we did it, and then we did it. ‘ And everyone was really excited to go to work every day. This is something that everyone likes as they can remember and they can work on it is not lost on this crew. So for the crew, the joy was truly unique and special. “

Marvel Cinematic Universe has probably become the largest franchise in the world at this time. Whether it’s a successful movie or their countless TV series on Disney Plus, it has become a big man on campus. However, he was not mistaken when referring to the legacy of Kumail Nanjiani Star wars Its felt in the crew OB-One Kenobi. So much so, that it is difficult to keep oneself away from its far-reaching effects.

It will be interesting to see the role of Kumel Nanjiani OB-One Kenobi Will be different from Eternal. After all, the sensibilities of both franchises are quite different from each other, but Nanjiani is known for his comedic performances, so perhaps he will be able to show them more with this new series.

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Source: EW

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