How Lucas Dhont got ‘close’ after winning ‘Girl’ at Fest – Deadline

After taking home the 2018 Undertaker Regard Fipreski Award for Trans-Female Ballet Dancer Feature Girl, Filmmaker Lucas Dhont returns home looking for a blank page for his next project.

It will eventually be this year’s competitive film, Off, There are many rumors that the teenager was involved in suicide and could take Pam D’Or. A24 announces state pick-up Off The film premiered here last night in Croydon.

“I didn’t know what I was going to do, I had all sorts of offers,” the Belgian director said at the time. OffConference of the Cannes Film Festival this morning. “I had a lot of doubts, I was stunned by my suspicions.”

“I was much more aware of myself, and I knew a lot of people were looking at me,” Dhont explained, “I wanted to do something with the same intensity and passion. Girl. “

Dhont returned to primary school near where his mother lived. “I wanted to remember the baby I was for,” he said.

“He told me with a lot of confidence and confidence, ‘I’m sure you know exactly what you want to do,'” he continued, “and it was the beginning.”

Off From Lucas Dhont, two 13-year-old boys follow the friendship of Leo and Remy, the latter of whom commits suicide. Leo is sure he is responsible. Struggling to figure out what happened, she goes to Sophie, Remy’s mother.

Dhont explained how important it was to find the boys, Eden Dumbrin and Gustav de Vale, who played Leo and Remy. It turned out to be a lot of time spent with them on the casting.

Regarding managing kids who haven’t acted before, Dhont said “it’s not something you can insist on, it needs to be.”

“It’s important to me with young people not to have too much dialogue in their mouths,” the director said, “it’s important that they talk like themselves …” The screenplay is just a map.

The two actresses, Sophie (Emily DeQueen) and Nathalie (Leah Drucker), who play the boy’s mother, agree that Dhoot’s style of managing children is the same as that of adults, that there is no need to adhere to strict screenplays, but to give room for biological emotion. Moment

“You can learn a lot from young actors,” Dracker said, “it gives us too much food to think about for our own work; it’s pure, there’s no technology. We have to get rid of the strategy to get there. ”

“Acting with Eden and Gustav, it deconstructs everything we do,” Dracker added.

“Lucas is always looking for something personal,” DeQueen said. Sometimes the strategy allows you to control the situation. The way Lucas works … Things avoid us, we are not in control like other movies. There is plenty of room for spontaneity. “

Deadline beamed about film critic Todd McCarthy Off, “One of the strongest films to premiere in this year’s competition, Off There is a huge potential for rewards across the board. Sad to say, it will be what they need; Can Laurels will do just that, because, for this intimate film, only Pam D’Or really counts. Is Off Short film that could? On the bright side, that could be great. “

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