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Six years ago today, the trailer for the then new NBC drama series This is us Breaking records with about 80 million views in 12 days. It was a harbinger of the show’s remarkable six-season run that ended tonight with a series final titled “Our”.

The close-up was set shortly after the last episode, “The Train,” as Pearsons gathered for Rebecca’s funeral. Teasing “us” last week, This is us Creator Dan Fogelman described it as a “day in life, which is a lot more about the show” capture, noting that the last two hours Here we are, Which he wrote, “very different episodes that speak to each other.”

In addition to Rebecca’s death, another thread that connects the two episodes is the dream sequence Rebecca found herself last week in a train cab with young Rebecca and Jack. The last lines of both episodes Rebecca and Jack say in that cabus when they greet each other with “Hey” on “The Train” and tell each other “I love you”.

It’s US – “Our” Episode 618 – Featured: (lr) Milo Ventimiglia as Jack, Mandy Moore as Rebecca – (Photo: Ron Batzdorf / NBC)

Jack and Rebecca begin the ending with a setup awake in bed at their home that reflects the caboose scene up to Jack’s mustache. The morning conversation between the two of them created a memorable ending line that Fogelman teased last week, “I would have enjoyed it even more when it was still happening, instead of worrying about when it would end,” Rebecca said. Jack spoke to her at the very end and Rebecca Cabus was a favorite line of the whole series for star Milo Ventimiglia lying in bed, she revealed during a panel on Sunday. “When the world puts something so clear in front of you, you just don’t go away,” said Jack (Ventimiglia) a few decades ago in response to Rebecca’s one-on-one encounter with the opportunity that began their romance.

In the finale, there were multiple parallels between Rebecca and Jack’s Cabus conversation and Rebecca’s death scene in “The Train”, in which Randall tells his mother, “We’re fine now, you’ve done us good” before he died last week, and Jack tells Rebecca, ” Babu, we did well. You did very well. “In the final.

The way the “The Train” sequence was created on the train and caboose references in the season premiere, the theme of the finale A Day in the Life came from Rebecca’s heartbreaking speech in Episode 2, where she said, “I’m not worried about forgetting the big thing. The little things I am not ready to give up yet, ”she said, adding that she was afraid to forget the Pin the Tail game on Saturday as one of those small moments.

That Saturday, with the pre-teen Big Three, while the family watched home movies, played Pin the Tail on the ass, and Jack taught the boys how to shave, were at the center of the finals. Filmed about four years ago, the footage was edited alongside the newly filmed parts of the farewell.

Young Kate Pinn was great at The Tail on the Donkey Game, explaining how she did so well by using her parents ‘and siblings’ voices as special references. “As long as I know where you are, I know where I’m going,” he said.

It’s US – “Us” Episode 618 – Photo: (lr) Chris Sullivan as Toby, Griffin Right as Nicky

Chris Sullivan, who plays Toby on the show, mentions it as his favorite line from the show. Toby was also seen playing a game with Pearsons after Rebecca’s funeral.

In another signature This is us A link between the past and the future, a scene featuring William, Randall, and the young Tess and Annie, where William and Randall were leaving for William’s final trip to Memphis, just as William told Randall the joy of being a grandfather. Randall himself joins the finals to prepare for Grandpa.

In it, Deja told Randall that she had a son, whom she and the owner would aptly name William, whom she had never met but found out through her own father, she said.

When we see Randall struggling with Rebecca’s writing his praises (“Mom was magic” which he can collect on a cue card), the show decides not to show the Big Three’s speech at their mother’s memorial service.

Instead, we got a final view of the siblings sitting on the steps of the family cabin.

We found out what their every plan was for the future. Kate will work to open more music schools for the visually impaired. Kevin plans to focus on his nonprofit side. And Randall, whose growing political career has been hinted at for a few seasons, will look to run for president with a visit to Iowa.

Kate shares her nightmare that “we’re drowning” after both their parents leave. He and his brothers promised to be close to each other, and did the famous Big Three song that we saw again a few minutes ago in a home movie that Pearsons saw on that lazy Saturday decades ago.

In the finale, Randall and Beth had one last round of their side-split worst case scenario game, when Toby and Kate shared a sweet moment where he told her he loved her, a nice parting gift for diehard KaToby fans.

The episode also features several period-jumping montages, one of which This is us Staples – There the Big Three woke up like babies and on the morning of Rebecca’s funeral, as well as several generations of Pearson pushing their little ones into the cradle of the park, Rebecca with her father as little girl Rebecca and Jack with the Big Three children Adult and finally Jack Jr. and his youngest daughter, BTW have achieved the most distant show of the future.

In the end, Rebecca tells Jack on the train that she doesn’t want to leave her kids and “I wanted to do a lot with them.”

“You will,” Jack assured him. “It’s hard to explain but you’re going to do all those things with them. You will be there. “

Since the two said “I love you” to each other, the series has settled on a sweeping score used once in the series before its final montage, in season 1 episode where Kevin showed his paintings to his nieces. The camera turns to each of the Big Three, looking at Randall Dezer who had his hands on his stomach. The last shot of the final was from Saturday’s scene of young Randall and Jack where the camera focuses on Jack as he looks at his family.

In a postmortem interview (you can read it here), Dan Fogelman breaks down the episode, answering questions about the key moments and scenes of the finale, including his dialogue and the choice of the final line of shots, and his mother’s praise for not showing the Big Three. He also talked about filmed but unused footage, Randall’s political future and prospects This is us spinoffs

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