‘I don’t care if people express concern about it’ – deadline

Mindy Calling can use the Warner Bros. Discovery Upfront presentation on Wednesday to let everyone know that she doesn’t care what you think about her Scooby-Doo animated spinoff. Velma HBO Max. If a dog could solve a crime, he told the crowd, his velma could be “brown.”

“I hope you noticed that my Velma is South Asian,” he told the crowd in New York City. “I don’t care if people are worried about it.”

A first look at Calling’s Velmar has also been shared in the presentation.

Last year, HBO ordered a Scooby-Doo spinoff from Max Calling, who will also produce. Velma Velma Dinkley’s Original Story Scooby-Doo Mystery Inc. Gang. The Warner Bros. animation series features executive producers Charlie Grande, Howard Klein and Sam Register.

Following the announcement of the animated show, Twitter has been bombarded with publicly racist allegations about Calling’s new project, with some pointing to how Velma turned a studying Asian nest into stereotypes.

Calling spoke in response to an appearance in July 2021 Late night with Seth Meyers. “When it was announced that I was going to voice Velmar, people on Twitter were very supportive and happy. And so I felt great, “he said.” Then a month ago it was announced that the Velma character would be re-imagined as South Asian. And people weren’t happy. There were many, like, ‘No good!’ That kind of tweet. ‘Not the classic Velma that I always think about.’

Kaling is already executive production College Girls Sex Live For HBO Max. His Velma SpinOff is part of HBO Max’s drive to improve adult animation programming.

There is also a streamer Clone High, Reboot of the classic MTV series with Phil Lord, Chris Miller and Bill Lawrence Shots were fired at Mars From Pete Davidson, as well Harley Quinn, The Prince, Santa Inc., 10-year-old Tom And Bundox.

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