‘I will always be by their side’: TV presenter James Corden supports Prince

‘I will always be by their side’: TV presenter James Corden Supported Prince Harry And Meghan Merkel

TV presenter James Corden He had befriended the man who had been the main star of The Late Late Show for many years Prince Harry And Meghan Merkel. It turned out that the comedian’s children often spent time with Archie and Lilibet. “We visited them in Montesito. We brought a scene for a date with the kids. Then we went out for dinner, and it was great,” Corden said, adding that his personal experience with Dukes was nothing but positive.

He was a guest at the royal wedding of James Megan and Prince Harry in May 2018. Corden recalls how he joked at the reception about another wedding guest and Sussex’s best part-time friend, George Clooney. “Later in the evening party, I jokingly told everyone after Henry VIII’s costume: ‘George Clooney has arrived, so congratulations on your new Nespresso machine, friends!'” He shared.

It is noteworthy that Corden was the first to introduce Harry to California as part of his “Late Show” episode, which premiered in February 2021. James and Prince then drove upstairs to Hollywood where they filmed “The The” Fresh Prince of Beverly Hills, where, with Harry, they performed a recitation from the movie. Corden then plays a real estate agent and Persuade to buy, then James calls Meghan and asks if he wants to go again.

“You will be the new princess of Bell-Air!” Corden reassured him, to which the Duchess replied: “I think we have already done enough.” It turned out that Duke and James had been friends for several years and often supported each other in difficult situations, using humor that encouraged them.

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