ICM Partners Host Candidate’s Forum – Deadline

Representative Karen Bass (D-CA) and Councilman Kevin de Leon will attend the Los Angeles Mayoral Candidates Forum at ICM Partners on Tuesday, which is probably the biggest problem in the race: homelessness.

The event, known as Solving Homelessness and sponsored by Politico and ICM partners, will also feature Alfred Woodard with opening remarks. It comes just two weeks before the mayoral primary, with fierce competition between the vote bus and developer Rick Caruso. A spokesman for ICM Partners said Caruso, who blanketed Los Angeles Airways with ads centering on the homelessness crisis, was invited but declined, citing a timeline conflict.

In a debate in March, Buss said he would hire a person who would be in charge of tackling the homelessness crisis and that person would report to him. He also spoke of plans to accommodate 15,000 people in his first year. De Leon insisted on his record of solving problems in his district, referring to what he said was the largest “small house” village in the country.

The race has changed in recent weeks, with Councilman Joe Buscaino dropped out and backed Caruso, and Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer dropped out and backed the bus.

Politico’s Jeremy B. White will host the event. The event will start here at 4 PM PT. ICM Politics was launched in 2017 and has recently hosted events such as the New York Attorney General Letitia James, a state reproductive rights dialogue. Travis Marioweather has recently replaced Hannah Lincolnhawker as head of the political unit.

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