In the last line and frame of the ‘This Is Us’ producer Dan Fogelman series, MIA

This is for this This is us. Together with the conclusion of tonight’s emotional series of NBC family dramas (you can read our summary with additional details here), creator / executive producer Dan Fogelman breaks down the episode, answering questions about the main moments and scenes, including his final line choice. Dialogue and shots and the Big Three decide not to show their mother’s appreciation. He also talks about filmed but unused footage, Randall’s political future, possible spinoffs and the fate of dog audio.


As Fogelman previously revealed, about two-thirds of the finale was written by him and shot about four years ago, and the other third he mapped loosely in his mind for a long time. In it, Jack, Rebecca and the young man discuss the scene of spending Saturday together in the old house of the Big Three, as well as Randall and William discussing mortality and the joy of being grandparents.

Its choices This is us‘Final lines and shots:

Cabbage fictional Jack and Rebecca call each other “I love you”, ending with a sweeping score montage that was previously used in the Season 1 episode when Kevin showed his paintings to his nieces. The camera turns to each of the Big Three, looking at Randall Dezer who has his hands on his stomach. The final shot of the final is from Randall as a child and from the Saturday scene Jack focuses on the camera as Jack looks at his family.

Fogelman: “Behind my mind, I always thought that the final real scripted dialogue of the episode would be Jack and Rebecca just saying ‘I love you’ to each other … and I thought this real love story, feeling – was right to end. Language. “

The dialogue between Jack and Rebecca in the final train scene was one of the most difficult scenes to write in the finale, Fogelman said.

“It really started to get to me. I think there was a moment when he said, ‘We’ve done well, you’ve done well.’ For me, as a new parent and as a parent, this idea inspires me, at the end of the day you can possibly sit down and be told to do a good deed by someone because it’s too hard, and it fixed me that I already had a visual In the staff.

This is how Fogelman described the final shot in his script: “The interior living room. Jack is sitting on the sofa, his family laughing and wrestling, and Pin the Tale on the ass is playing. He’s taking them inside.”

Why he chose to end with shots from young Randall and Jack:

“In that shot, the adult Randall refers to an adult child or a child when it is fully grown. And [Jack] A parent representative who is embracing his whole family at the moment, and I just wanted the simplicity of the shot of the child in the parent while the parent is receiving something bigger and knowing that the child will carry it forward in their own lives. It was less about these two people who were the core of our show, but it was less about Randall and Jack, and more about a child and parents at that moment. “

Why the Big Three was seen but Rebecca was not heard praising at the memorial:

It’s US – “Our” Episode 618 – Photo: (lr) Mandy Moore as Rebecca, Chrissy Metz as Kate

When we saw Randall struggle with Rebecca’s writing his compliments (“Mom was magic” which he can collect on a cue card), the show chose a musical montage from the commemorative service, including a speech from the Big Three.

Fogelman: “It was scripted that way, for a number of reasons. Number one, a lot of the previous episodes were about people’s emotions, people said these things to Rebecca, and Lord knows Randall can perfectly appreciate the world, but at the moment he has nothing more to say about his mother.” Going on what he didn’t say already on the show. So on a logical level, that was partly it.

But for me, more importantly, I lost my mother, and similarly, waking up all night the day before, decided that people were waiting for the perfect compliment for me and that it had to be the right level of touch and fun, and it had to be well written and me It had to be well supplied. And I stayed up all night, like crazy and frankly, like a martyr, trying to write to my mother whom I admired perfectly. And I had the experience that day and, to be honest, a week or two later, as I described in the script. I floated in space and time and heard nothing. And I’ve worked so hard on that compliment. And I don’t remember a word I said it I don’t remember saying it. I remember closing my eyes with my best friend who was sitting in the audience crying, but I don’t remember anything. And I wanted to capture that visually.

So the day we shot those compliments, there was nothing scripted that the guys didn’t know they were going to do it. And Sterling and Justin and Chrissy came to me and we came up with the idea of ​​what they could talk about, and then they were kind of improvised thing, because I wanted it to feel like a funeral and I wanted people to hear something but At the end of the day, praise is never recorded, it always floats through a mother’s funeral with a boy as if it were almost at a slow pace. “

Randall’s political future and This is our sopranos Moment:

This is US – “Our” Episode 618 – Photo: (lr) ode 618 – Photo: (lr) La Trice Harper Deja, Sterling K. Brown as Randall

In the final, The Big Three announced their future plans. Kate will work to open more music schools for the visually impaired. Kevin is focused on his nonprofit. And Randall, whose growing political career has been hinted at for a few seasons, will look to run for president with a visit to Iowa. Will Randall be president?

Fogelman: “I think Randall’s political journey is probably the closest to the one we’re going to show. At the end of the episode, our sopranos are going black, and what you think is left to you to choose your own adventure.” Happened to him. Even though he finally decided to run, did he and Beth decide that they would rather settle at home? If he runs, how much trashing will he get? Will he win?

In my mind, I know what will happen to Randall and his family but that doesn’t mean it will be answered and just leave a hint of promise and then I think it’s up to the audience to decide what will happen next with Randall. Have we seen an original story without realizing that we are seeing one of the future leaders of the free world? Or the end of Randall’s arc is not to push his career further and to sit in a role where he is comfortable. I think it was always more about choosing to move forward with Randall, because his mother now lets him do what he wants and let go of the big choices if he wants to do anything.

But we were never tempted to move on. There must have been a lot of conversation about how we were seeing the end of Randall’s political journey. We’ve all felt that if we were to speculate on Rambo sitting in the White House, the show would be a bit broken, if not for the show. So we chose to end it with a hint of more and more stardom for this exceptional, extraordinary character without going all the way there. “

Unused footage, which can see daylight

Almost all the elements filmed four years ago for the finals have entered the episode. Almost.

Fogelman: “At the beginning of the final, or at the beginning of the final, you see three little ones waking up, with three adults waking up on the morning of their mother’s funeral. And then Jack’s voice called for them to have breakfast downstairs. I recorded things that were just scripted, flipping Jack’s pancakes and making pancakes and then intercutting with Randall, flipping pancakes in his old house and making pancakes. It was so captivating and it was talking to the theme at the end of the episode, about which the whole series was such that you were taking this thing with you without even thinking about it.

But it was a little abstract. The kids were younger, you were on a different timeline with Randall and it was just as beautiful, I thought we’d talk better with it at the end of the episode, and so I didn’t keep it but I was very charming and the kids I was very young and I think I’m going to put it online at some point. “

Inevitable This is us Spinoff Question:

It’s US – “Our” Episode 618 – Illustrated: (lr) Justin Hartley as Kevin, Chrissy Metz as Kate, Sterling K as Randall. Brown

Fogelman: “I think I set quite a bit for it. I feel beyond some understandable question about the dog’s audio. For the most part, we really answered the show’s questions.

I think this show has always been about the family of this generation and the expansion of their family during that time. There are obviously more stories to tell in the lives of their children and grandchildren as adults. But that was never the purpose of the series. Every book needs to be finished Every generation of family novels can go further back and forward if you like. Our timelines had a starting, middle and end point where the center would start and it was always planned. “

Audio’s Happy Tales

There were lots of fan concerns online about the fate of Kate and Toby’s forechild, which had not been seen on the show for a long time.

Fogelman: “The dog is there. Nothing happened to him. We were working with 15,000 screaming babies in the final season and the audio is resting comfortably. I believe Kate and Toby shared custody after the divorce and she lived happily ever after.”

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