International coalition backs Iranian filmmakers after arrest – deadline

The International Coalition for Filmmakers at Risk (ICFR) has called for an “end to the growing climate of fear and insecurity” in Iran.

Mina Keshvaraj and Firozeh Khosravani, both of international repute, were arrested on May 10 after searching their homes in Tehran, were released on bail a week later and were banned from leaving the country for six months.

Although no charges have been brought against them, the ICFR says they are now barred from traveling, working or contributing to “international and Iranian cultural life” for at least six months.

ICFR Chairman Orwa Narabia said, “This is already a strict measure aimed at artists whose work shows the most loving and respectable image of Iranian art and culture to the whole world.”

“Such measures are dangerous. The ICFR is deeply disturbed by the continued reports of arrests of filmmakers in Iran and calls for an end to the growing environment of fear and insecurity where filmmakers live and work. “

Khasrovani Radiography of a family Won Best Feature at the Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival and includes past credits to Keshavraj Profession, Documentary And Danger Survival Industry, The latter was honored for Best Creative Documentary at the recent Women’s Voices Now Film Festival.

The ICFR recently launched an emergency fund to help filmmakers in Ukraine and in the past lobbied for the release of Belarusian and Afghan creators.

Mike Downey, CEO of Film and Music Entertainment, a co-founder of ICFR, described Keshavraj and Khasravani is “an extraordinary asset to Iranian culture and society.”

“They are creative people who need to be valued and supported. In fact, they are not only by their audiences in Iran and around the world, but also by the international film community, “he added.

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