‘It’s just getting better’: Sylvester Stallone and his wife Jennifer Flavin

‘It just gets better’: Sylvester Stallone And his wife, Jennifer Flavin, celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary.
Happy Silver Anniversary to Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Flavin! On Tuesday, the couple celebrated 25 years of marriage, celebrating milestones with gentle confessions to each other on social media.

The beloved wife joined in the tender congratulations of the famous actor: “Happy 25th wedding anniversary to you! Thank you for always supporting me, for loving and protecting our beautiful family! Our wedding is going to get better every year! I can’t wait for the rest of us Spend life together! ‘ He wrote.

Stallone is not only a faithful husband, he is also the wonderful father of 19-year-old daughter Scarlett, 23-year-old Sistine and 25-year-old Sophia; It is not surprising that she regularly shares happy moments of her family life on social networks. The actor also has a son, Serge Stallone, from a previous marriage to Sasha Chuck, and his eldest son, Sage Stallone, of the Sterlin Wright Union, died tragically in 2012.

On his 75th birthday last summer, the Rocky star shared a beautiful photo of himself with his wife and daughters, captioned, “And my amazing family is the best birthday gift I can ever get!”. It’s hard to agree with an action movie star because her happy smile says so much. Stallone and Flavin tied the knot in 1997, although their relationship originally began in 1988 at a restaurant in Beverly Hills, California.

Stallone’s relationship with Flynn’s supermodel Janice Dickinson broke up briefly in 1994, but the two reunited in 1995.

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