James Corden Squares Paramount in its Final Upfront Appearance – Deadline

James Corden arrives on stage at Carnegie Hall for his final upfront as he prepares to leave. The Late Late Show.

He joked that Paramount ad sales boss Joe Ann Sales had promised to hold it for an hour, “well done” since it was overran. “Thank God, this is not a place that has to be on a schedule,” he laughed.

He mentions all the historical performances that took place at the venue, including The Beatles and Judy Garland, as well as Paramount’s promotional games show Climb That Mountain.

“What are they going to do? Burn me?” He laughed.

Turns out he’s going to be serious for a minute to highlight a quote. “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile … because you don’t have to cover another presidential election.”

“I would love to be part of the CBS family, the Viacom family, the Viacom CBS family, and the Paramount Global family, and whatever name they give us next week,” he added.

After a lengthy discussion of the company’s diversification strategy, Corden joked that the company was committed to representation, laughing that it had thrown “real ghosts” into its breakout comedy.

“We have a lot more storylines than the actual FBI involved with the FBI,” he joked, adding that CBS’s main audience is men who like cop shows, women who like cop shows, young people who like police shows, and children. The sleeping room is where the police show.

He gestured to Taylor Sheridan to take a loving swipe into the universe Yellowstone And its prequel 1883 And 1932. “I can’t wait for 1997. It’s mostly Kevin Costner rollerblading,” he said.

Then Gavin and Stacey The co-creators became serious for a minute, calling out the “incredible people” working at CBS, checking out the favorite names of Kelly Cahill, Thom Sherman and David Staff. “Holding this event is a great honor in my life. They are always respectful, ”he said. “I know you have a lot of choices about how you spend your money. They care, they respect talent. I can tell you directly, even if in the last hours it doesn’t always feel like it.”

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