James Corden wants to “test” in CBS Late-Night slot to exit –

CBS is going to test for the late night slot at 12:30 when James Corden is out The Late Late Show.

Deadline reveals that Brit is leaving the Late-Night slot after 7 years next summer but has no plans to pick another host within the network’s slot time.

During a pre-upfront interview, CBS CEO George Chicks told Deadline that if he left, it would show the slot refreshing. Undoubtedly there will be pressure in the middle of the night not to trap another straight, white man and there will be advice that in the middle of the night Corden and his team will have to do what they have invented.

“We’re really going to enjoy his last year, I think we’re going to take some time to think about part of that day and what kind of format can be understood there. But again, we would have liked him if we had wanted him to stay for another 10 years, but he really decided it was time to take action, “said Chix. “We’re going to spend some time figuring out what the correct replacement format is, and I don’t believe we’ll put another host out there that I think is really looking at the format.”

Kelly Cahill, head of CBS Entertainment, joked that she and her team had received “several” calls calling for a late night break from the representing stars but had 12 months to replace the network and hoped to find someone who could break Gavin And Stacey did the co-production when she was brought out of Broadway to take a somewhat surprising step on American late-night television.

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