Japril’s preview preview of the 400th season of Christa Vernoff and Sarah Drew

Gray’s physiology Its 18th season is ending with a push that is bigger than usual because the season ending of the hit medical drama also marks its 400th episode, reaching a milestone in just a few TV series.

The closing promo (you can see it below) promises high drama and major cliffhangers that we can expect from one Gray’s The season-end episode also features the return of Jesse Williams and Sarah Drew alumni who are re-presenting their fan-favorite roles as Jackson and April.

“It’s the 400th episode so we wanted to be big. Sarah and Jesse were both available and there was a game to play which was exciting, “said David Cook, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau. Gray’s Anatomy eExecutive Producer / Shorner Krista Vernoff told Deadline. “It was great to see them and we know the fans are thrilled to see them too! Jesse is now doing a great job on a Broadway play so we only had one day to work with him. We made the most of it! ”

Williams recently received a Tony nomination for his performance in a Broadway production Take me outWhen Drew is in the upcoming Apple TV + comedy series 6 Amber Brown.

After his nine-year term ended Gray’s, Drew first returned to the show for the May 2021 episode which announced the departure of Williams. In it, Jackson told the former April that she was moving to Boston to take on family grounds, and she agreed to follow him there so she could stay close to their daughter and reveal that she was separated from her husband.

After helping Williams give Jackson the right sendoff, Drew said he didn’t necessarily expect to return.

“After we shot that episode, there was a lot of interest in seeing Jackson and April in Boston. So I guess maybe one day we’ll be able to peek into that world, and the fans will start asking for it, “he said. “But no, it was amazing to me and I was told to do it about two weeks before the set was shot. So everything happened very quickly. ”

He revealed a little detail about April’s new life in Boston.

“What struck me was that April was now working with the foundation,” he said. “There’s a bunch of drama going on in the hospital, and since he’s climbing on top of the foundation, he has to go [Grey Sloan] To try to pick all those things. So I came with him as a representative of the foundation. And as much as I can tell you. “

The play that Drew is referring to is a showdown with the fate of Gray Sloan’s training program, which is coming to an end.

“Wonderful Don Lewis is back as Jamarah Blake,” Vernoff said of the story line. “His presence is stressful enough, but on this special day, Gray Sloan is having a perfect storm of stress.”

As teased in the promo, it will include a threat to Wayne’s side project to provide leaked medicine to critically ill elderly people, which could test Wayne’s career and his relationship with Teddy.

“Wayne’s story line is part of the perfect storm of stress that is going through the hospital and Bailey,” Vernoff said. “There is no easy solution to the problem that he and Teddy presented in the final.”

ABC / Lillian Lathan

The biggest question asked in the promo, which is being made towards season 18, is will Meredith stay or go?

“In the final, Meredith has a really tough day at Gray Sloan,” Vernoff said. “To some extent, Meredith’s 18 seasons at Gray Sloan were tough. When he thinks of leaving, he suffers from memories of the time he spent here. It’s hard to leave. It’s hard to stay. “

In the promo, Bailey sent April to the EP (aka The Pit).

“You’ll see me in Pitt, which is really funny,” Drew said. “I’m dealing with an anemia situation with Ben when he comes to the ER, and we have a full discussion there about how to deal with anemia in the hospital. So you see April being a bit more effective. ”

There will also be something for Japril fans – “you’ll get a glimpse into the current state of their relationship”, Drew said.

He is well aware of the big online interest for Jackson and April Gray’s physiology Spinoff

“I see love for it from fans every day but officially, there’s been no conversation about it,” Drew said. “It only exists in Fandom at the moment.”

Coming back Gray’s Always special but for the 400th episode of the show Drew has taken it to another level.

“I am really, really honored and grateful to be invited to take part in such an important event. It made me really feel like I never really left and I was always part of the family, and it was really good, “he said. April was just on location at home and working only with Jesse, and I wasn’t working with our general crew because we were in a special unit filming that episode. Love I have lived with them for nine years. It was a beautiful, surreal and wonderful experience. I saw myself shooting a scene with Chandra and sitting there thinking, it seems very normal. It seems like I was here yesterday. But the reality is that last time We’ve all lived four years since I was in that situation. So it’s pretty surreal because it felt so normal and everyday and regular. “

Drew pointed to a major cliffhanger for his and Williams’ characters.

“It certainly opens up the possibility that you can check in with them,” he said. “After the script was released, I was sending texts from the cast and crew asking if I would be back next year because of how the episode would end. But now it is not on the table. It’s not like anyone has discussed any kind of official power with me. But there are many open questions at the end of this episode. I think you’ll leave this episode with a huge question mark: Where do we go from here? How is the hospital going to recover? What’s going to happen? How will it be next year? So I think there are a million questions and a million possibilities. “

If the opportunity presents itself, will Drew come back for more?

“I have always kept the door open Gray’sFor my family there, “he said.” In terms of any kind of sustainable power. I don’t know, “he said.” I’m on an Apple TV show coming in July and waiting to hear about a pickup for it There are projects that I’m working on right now ৷ so it’s all kind of in the air but in terms of popping up for a visit, I’ll always say yes.

Vernoff is still sitting with his head bowed that he had just presided over Gray’s The 400th episode but he thinks the closing ceremony will be the occasion.

“My mind explodes. All our minds are torn,” he said. “It means a lot to us that the show is a lot to many people in the world. The 400th episode is dramatic! We were lucky that the 400th episode reached the season finals so we all I removed the stop. “

Promotion for here Gray’s physiology Season 18 finishes, airing on Thursday, May 26th.

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