Jason Momo has an affair with his ex-girlfriend Timothy Chalamet

In January, Jason Momoa And Lisa Bonnet unexpectedly broke up for everyone after 16 years of marriage. There were stories that the couple was trying to save the relationship; However, apparently, the celebrities could not restore their former connection.

Among the most beautiful couples in Hollywood are Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonnet. Jason first saw Lisa on a popular sitcom and fell in love. True, he was only eight years old then. But in 2005, Momoa and Bonnet met at a party of mutual friends and never parted ways again until this year.

In February 2022, the actors shared the sad news of the fans on Instagram – they decided to break up after 16 years of marriage. “We are getting divorced. Our love remains, but we free each other that we want to be,” the actors said in an official statement. And according to insiders, the real reason for the gap was Momo’s job and distance on set: being a famous actor, he couldn’t stay home for many weeks.

A close friend of Momoa told People that the actor has a new romance. According to an insider, Jason is “recovering” after his divorce from Iza Gonzalez, but the couple’s relationship is still not very serious. “They’re both busy with work, but they’re having fun together. So far, nothing serious, but he’s taking care of her,” the unnamed source said.

The Aquaman star first met the 32-year-old actress about a month ago when she attended the premiere of Asha’s latest film, ER. However, Internet users suggest that the stars were already in a relationship at the time.

Some Momoa fans have already started attacking Asa’s social media. They believe their idol got divorced because of being the star of the “Baby Driver” movie, so the girl was forced to stop commenting in the last post.

We will remind you first, Gonzalez met Timothy Chalamet. However, the relationship began shortly after the breakup with the famous actor Lily Rose-Depp.

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