Jason Sudekis casting report has been canceled for DCEU film

A report claims that Jason Sudekis has been cast in the new DCEU movie Blue Beetle has been debunked.

Yesterday, a report that circulated on the web Ted Lasso Star Jason Sudekis to join DCEU’s upcoming film, Blue Beetle As Ted Cord. The report comes from The Cosmic Circus, who found a post by Bill Marinella Casting on Facebook. The report further claims that Ted Cord will appear in the new film via flashback and will have a small role.

However, Heroic Hollywood Editor-in-Chief Umberto Gonzalez confirmed to sources close to the production that the report on the casting of Jason Sudekis as a Ted Cord at DCEU Blue Beetle Debunk:

Jason Sudekis has worked hard on his Apple TV + exclusive series, Ted Lasso. The series, in which he co-developed and starred in the title role, received widespread acclaim, winning multiple Emmy Awards, including one for his outstanding performance by a male actor in a comedy series.

Ted Lasso It was a great showcase for Jason Sudekis, not only through comedy, but also through some dramatic moments, especially in the second season of the series. This type of acting range is often in demand in films like DCEU and MCU, so if he is interested in participating in comic book films, he can make a great fit. Unfortunately for Blue Beetle fans, it looks like he won’t be playing Ted Cord, but hopefully he can join the franchise somehow.

In DC Comics, Dan Garrett was an archaeologist who discovered the Blue Beetle Scarab and used its power to fight crime. Although his successor, Ted Cord, was unable to harness the power of the scarab, he adopted the Blue Beetle mantle from his mentor using brilliant billionaire technology and martial arts. A few years later, a teenage boy named Jaime Reyes is captured by the Blue Beetle Scarp and uses it to reveal an armed exoskeleton. Accepting the Beetle mantle, Jaime used the suit alongside his two best friends, Brenda and Paco.

Produced by Keith Giffen, John Rogers, and Cooley Hamner, James Reyes first appeared on the 2006 page. Infinite crisis # 5. A live-action version of Zaime appeared in the Superman Prequel series SmallvilleDC Comics with Jaren Brand Bertlet in the lead role.

Directed by Angel Manuel Soto, DCEU stars Xolo Maridueña, Bruna Marquezine, Belissa Escobedo, George Lopez, Adriana Barraza, Elpidia Carrillo, Damián Alcázar, Raoul Trujillo, Harvey Guillén, and Susan Sarandon.

The film is set for release on August 18, 2023. Stay tuned for the latest news from around the DCEU movie, and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more content!

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