Javier Bardem talks about ‘Dune 2’, cancels culture, his 2016 flop ‘The Last Face’ –

As part of the Cannes Film Festival’s 75th birthday celebrations, Xavier Bardem gave a speech to Bunuel on Friday. Equipped, comfortable and very funny, the actor addressed a wide range of topics in a Q&A that covered a wide range of topics, from his marriage to Penelope Cruz to his experience. Caribbean pirates Suffrage

Dennis Villeneuve was asked about the upcoming Hill Sequel, he was surprisingly forthcoming. “I’ve read the new draft,” he said, “and I think they’ve done an amazing job of assembling the pieces in a way that will surprise people. They won’t be surprised.” [by what happens], Obviously, because they’ve read the book, but they’ll be amazed at the way they put it together. I was very moved by it. It’s a movie that’s full, and you can feel the weight of it and at the same time [you can enjoy] Its spectacular. [I can’t wait] Going back to the desert with those people, and I’m so happy to be back with Dennis, who is one of the best directors of all time. He is a beautiful man. “

In his early days, he was asked to turn his back on Bardem, a four-time Oscar nominee and winner for his role as Anton Chigu at Queen Brothers. There is no country for the elderly, Mentioned that he made his debut at a time when celluloid was the norm. “I was 20 years old and life was different,” he said, “and the way I made movies was different. Cinema is an event, an event that opens in a theater, and if it’s good it can last a year. Today, a movie The longest onscreen can last a month and a half or two, so we live in a different time of speed and scarcity — I don’t know — some kind of attention. [span]Because we have so many choices to focus on that only one is hard to define.

“But when I started, it was different. You will do a role and you will spend the whole time preparing that role and you will do the movie. It was a sacred thing, and then it would open up and it would create a climate – that would mean something. Now, we’re moving so fast, and I’m sorry for those who are just starting out. As an actor, or director, or producer, or writer, I don’t know what it means to try to make a movie today, because the rhythm is very different from where I started. So what I remember most about those days was speed. It was a different story. “

For his craft, Bardem has revealed that his process is similar to that of any other actor. “Well, I guess every actor’s dream is to erase himself in their character,” he recalls. “It simply came to our notice then. Some people say they did it, but it never happened to me. But even if it does not happen, that is the goal. This is what you notice when you play a role: trying to figure out the psychology and behaviors and personality traits that make that person unique. It’s part of my job that I really enjoy. “

To illustrate his point, Bardem explains that he is a budding artist and enthusiastic man-observer. “I also like to draw,” he said, “and I always draw faces – faces and bodies. I’m not interested in landscapes. I like expressions. I like eyes. I’m addicted to seeing people behave on the streets. Tough, because people can recognize me, but wearing a mask [they don’t]. The only good thing about f * cking pandemic sh * t is that I can wear a mask – and then I can see them!

When the interview went on to question the audience, there was an audible shortness of breath as Shawn Penn entered the 2016 Cannes competition. The Last Face, A critically acclaimed love story where Bardem plays a rescue worker. Luckily, the actor burst out laughing.

“It was a disaster!” He beamed. “But, I tell you, it was a big disaster. It’s good to come to a festival like Cannes and be haughty and reminded that what we do can be horrible, because otherwise we think too much of ourselves. I have my own idea of ​​what that movie was. We worked hard to make that movie — I didn’t make a movie where people didn’t work hard. But it was a miss [opportunity]. I mean, it was a [misfire] A movie, in my opinion. People saw it, people shared it and then the whole rule of the festival changed. Right? Now [critics] Can’t post a review on the same day as the opening, because the opening of that movie that day was like a funeral. But I was smiling. I was like, ‘Yeah — that’s what making movies is all about.’ Sometimes you There is no country for the elderlySometimes you do [a film like] It’s one, and it doesn’t matter if it’s great or bad. Keep doing what you have to do. I mean, it’s like life. “

Unusually outspoken for a famous actor, Bardem downplayed this fact for his upbringing. “I guess I was born into it,” he said. “My mother was too [politically] Active, and my uncle, and I saw that when I was younger, so my idea comes to it [naturally] With me Sometimes it makes enemies, but it’s good to have enemies. It’s okay to resist, otherwise it’s impossible to grow up. Conflict is good – life is conflict. I’m more comfortable with the idea of ​​having an opinion than being silent, especially today. [People] They are very sensitive about everything, and it is very risky to have an opinion today. But I think we have to have an opinion on the issues, because otherwise there is no discussion. “

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