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You can be fair to say that whenever the Darden Brothers come up with a new film in Cannes, it will go away with some kind of prize. This is their first competitive film since 1999, when Rosetta She jumped at the last minute and won the Palme d’Or and Best Actress They won the second Palme d’Or in 2005 Children, For the 2011 Grand Jury Award Children with a bike, Screenplay in 2008 Lorna’s silence, And director in 2019 Young Ahmed. No matter what the jury says, Dardanes continues to impress, yet none of their films have won them an Oscar nomination. Of 2011 Two days, one night Marion Cotillard was nominated for a wonderful Best Actress, but that’s what happened.


The Belgian brothers may be in the circle of Cannes winners again this year with their latest, Tori and Lokita, An irresistible and profound story of two West African immigrant teenagers seeking work papers in Belgium’s difficult immigration system. It illuminates the poorest of us, two kids, 12-year-old Tory and 16-year-old Lokita, who need to find a way to survive while dealing with smuggling, black market jobs, heartless bureaucracy, destructive living and a stacked deck. If it sounds like a complete downhill to them in many ways, and it will annoy you, but Dardens now gives them the feeling of a suspense thriller in the late 60’s and early 70’s, which I never did. Experienced in any of their previous films. Notably, they’ve found a new film-making groove here, a new vibe, and it’s heartwarming news in itself, not that they’ll ever have to worry about cutting in the ear. That’s exactly what happened Deserved This slot, as well as the filmmakers and their stars received an 8-minute standing reception at the Grand Lumiere Theater this afternoon.

The writers / directors, determined to keep it as authentic as possible, cast two non-professionals in the title role, and the boy paid for it. Pablo Schilles has performed tremendously at the level of any actor this year with a film in Cannes as a young, tidy, loyal and loving Tory and Jolie Mbundu determined and heartbreaking folk. Plotwise we discover that they came up with a scheme to pass Lokita as Tory’s sister in order to submit to the immigration office. He has been accepted, but may be sent back unless he can obtain refugee status – a lengthy order. Tori will not stop to help him because he claims that he saved his life by boat crossing (they came from Cameroon and Benin). When officials finally claim the DNA test that they are siblings, they have to find another way to make money and stay in Belgium to get enough money to send their family back home, pay the couple to arrange their trip, and themselves Live. They find a job singing for customers at a restaurant, and then meet up with a chef Betim (Alban Ukai), a criminal who pays Tory for drug supplies and weird work and gives him shelter, while he gives Lokita a tragic job. Sets in the work. Out of sight, the ability to find a bed and work as a supervisor of a secret illegal cannabis operation in a desolate, extremely damp and scanty abandoned hut, the ability to snatch his phone and communicate with Tory. The bottom line is he, and especially his best friend Tory knows they need to find a way to get him out, and that’s when the action begins.

Jean-Pierre and Luke Darden
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What makes this situation so upset is that you know that these “unaccompanied minors” are wandering around Europe (and obviously other countries and borders) without families, trying to do everything for a better life but society has closed their doors and turned their backs on them. The movie puts a human face on the figures and is a devastating accusation against the system, but at the same time a story of real friends behind their backs against the walls. These two kids will break your heart, both of them will never lie. There should be a single award for the casting director alone. Dardness has proven to be particularly good at getting great performances from youngsters and this is no exception. With the upcoming Lucas Dhant film, Off, Also promising to focus on the themes of young friendships and life-changing moments, this Cannes festival is going to be a great one for Belgium and another victory for Jean-Pierre and Luke Darden.

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