Jennifer Lopez, in a funny mini, goes on a date with Ben Affleck and mom.

Jennifer Lopez Went on a date with a funny mini Fool And mother Last weekend, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, who practically did not attend after their reunion, spent time together again – the lovers were photographed in Malibu. But this time their mother Jennifer Guadalupe Rodriguez was with them. Lopez chose a playful mini for a date, which she wore with sandals, apparently lengthening her legs.

Jennifer Lopez

Affleck’s mother always liked Lopez, so when the singer returned to the actor after a 17-year relationship break, Guadalupe was very happy, according to insiders. Rodriguez likes to spend time with his future son-in-law – last month, they starred together in an ad gamble in Las Vegas. “They like to gamble together and have done it before,” the source said.

Ben and longtime gambler in Guadalupe. The actress’ mother even hit a whopping $ 2.4 million jackpot in 2004 and was so skilled at Affleck Blackjack that she was even banned from the table at Hard Rock Casino.

Now Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are preparing for their wedding – this will be their second attempt to legalize their relationship. In 2003, they were already going down the corridor, but at the last minute, the wedding ceremony was canceled. Now the couple are very serious and determined and have even taken care of the house they are going to relocate in the near future. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez planned to buy a property before their engagement, but finding the perfect home in Los Angeles was not easy. However, it seems that lovers still have a palace that meets their highest needs.

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