Jennifer Lopez remembers her ‘Shades of Blue’ co-star Ray Leota – Deadline

Jennifer Lopez remembers him Blue shades “Crime Partner” Ray Leota, who died today at the age of 67.

Lopez and Leota starred in the police drama series, which aired on NBC from 2016-2018. Lopez plays detective Harley Santos, and Leota plays his colleague, Lieutenant Matt Wozniak.

“Ray was my accomplice in Shades of Blue … The first thing that comes to mind is that he was very kind to my kids,” she wrote on Instagram. “Ray was a portrait of a tough guy who was smooth on the inside সব I think that’s what made him a compelling actor to watch. The real good. “

His post, in which he also shared a slideshow of photos of the two, continued: “Ray was the image of a tough guy who was all the more impressive on the inside. The real good. “

“We’ve shared some intense moments on those three-year sets!” Lopez added. “I was thrilled when I first heard he was working on Shades of Blue, and the first time we walked on the set to do our first scene together, there was an electric spark and mutual respect and we both knew it was going to be good. .
We enjoyed our scenes together and I consider myself lucky to have him working and learning there. ”Like all artists, he was complex, sincere, honest and very passionate. Like a raw nerve, he was so accessible and so touching in his acting and I will always remember the time we spent together very well. “

In conclusion, Lopez wrote, “We lost a great আজ RIP RAY আজ today. It’s so sad to lose you that it seems so soon… I will always remember you.” I am sending so much love and strength to your daughter Carson, your family and all your loved ones. ”

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