Johnny Depp is rocking with Jeff Beck in England because Amber has taken a break for the hard trial jury.

Johnny Depp made an amazing appearance on Sunday in the English city of Sheffield for a special performance with Jeff Beck who is currently touring the UK.

Depp and Beck jumped on the bandwagon with their 2020 collaboration “Isolation”, a remake of John Lennon’s song released in 1970. The duo also served as covers for Marvin Gay’s “What’s Going On” and Jimmy Hendrix’s “Little Wing”. There is speculation that Depp may join Beck at his next two tour stops at the Royal Albert Hall in London on May 30 and 31.

Depp fans erupted in excitement on social media to see the enthusiastic performers reunite, as well as her newly dyed hair which is much lighter than what she wore during her court appearance.

Before becoming an actor, Depp began his career as a musician. She formed the Hollywood Vampire Supergroup in 2015 with Alice Cooper and Joe Perry.

Depp is currently on leave from his high-profile court case against his ex-wife Amber Hard, which is nearing completion as the jury considers it. Depp is suing Hard for 50 million in damages; His ex is suing for double that amount. The television case has been going on since April 11 with the decision expected early on Tuesday.

Watch Depp and Beck’s performance videos below.

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