Johnny Depp vs Amber Hard $ 50M Trial Comes First Amendment (Analysis) –

Ahead of the jury’s first full-day hearing, Johnny Depp’s $ 50 million defamation suit against Amber Heard has turned into a misdirection and a push of hatred.

Six weeks later, both the plaintiff and the defense rested their cases on Friday, and a jury of seven finally went behind closed doors to decide on the court’s drama.

How To Watch Johnny Depp-Amber Hard Trial: Livestream Link And More

With both sunglasses-wearing Depp and Hard sitting in the Fairfax County Courthouse courtroom, their respective lawyers presented a tumultuous concluding argument last week designed to throw the other party into the seemingly most toxic light possible. Surprisingly, the defense waited until the final hour to frame the matter around the First Amendment – a choice that could have been lost in the celebrity flood since the trial began on April 11th. The case has overwhelmed a large part of the country and beyond for its sensational and alluring soap opera nature and has captivated commentators with its potential social impact.

The phenomenon of seemingly lost in the vivid descriptions of drug addiction, private islands, gold mining, sexual harassment, private jets and cut fingers is real. Time for trial and claim after hearing of physical, psychological, verbal and sexual abuse at the hands of dismissal Fantastic Beasts Actor, it was almost a matter of concern that Depp filed a lawsuit against his ex-wife in late March 2018. The Washington Post The op-ed actress writes about being “a public figure representing domestic abuse”.

Although the ACLU article in the Jeff Bezos-owned newspaper never mentioned Depp’s name, he claimed that it had “ruined” his already ruined career. Depp further stressed that he was actually the one who was abused in the relationship.

Failing to dismiss the lawsuit or move out of Virginia, Hard sued for $ 100 million in the summer of 2020. The move comes months after a UK defamation suit was filed against Depp The sun The tabloids failed dramatically in November 2020 to call her “Wife Beater”.

Outside of the Virginia courthouse in this case, there was a daily circus-like atmosphere from the start, made up mostly of fans. Caribbean pirates For many of the actor’s self-described “Depford wives”, this is their idol who has been brought to justice. Small batch of its supporters Aquaman Star Hard, meanwhile, wonders why the #MeToo movement didn’t win or why the actress herself didn’t act like a victim of captive Harvey Weinstein.

However, it is a defamation suit filed by the voluntary litigant Depp, not just once but twice – on both shores of the Atlantic. Excluded by Warner Bros. from JK Rowling’s latest Fantastic Beasts In the wake of the UK’s disgraceful verdict, Depp has seen his British appeal rejected.

Although hard all but admitted during the trial that he mentioned Depp Wapo Depp’s threshold for defamation, op-ed, as in all cases involving public figures, is higher – even higher than in the UK case. In need of a unanimous verdict, Depp would have to show that what Hard wrote was not only a lie, but a real hateful act.

What happened?

During the trial, ample evidence was presented of Depp and Hard arguing through audio tapes, video clips, and abusive text messages, which is probably one of the reasons why the trial is so impressive for many.

When it comes to verbal abuse, Hard’s team, among other examples, points to a video leaked to TMZ where Depp condemns the cabinet and says to his then-wife, “You want to look crazy? I’ll drive you crazy.” Then he is seen holding his phone. When it comes to physical abuse, Hard goes through multiple allegations and numerous arguments. More specifically, the actress claims that Depp, in a December 2015 confrontation, hit her on the head and pulled the strands of her hair. Her legal team showed photos that they said were taken of her later, with scars under her eyes and what was seen on her nose, as well as a bunch of hair on the floor.

Depp said he had a butt head with his wife that night – but it was an accident.

And he said that far from hurting Herd, he was the one who was tortured by her.

In front of Brown Rudick’s Ben Chew and Camille Vasquez, Depp’s legal team also presented Hard’s audio, seemingly insulting Depp and his career, and at one point he admitted, “I didn’t punch you. I was punching you.” In an incident that was mentioned and analyzed more than once during the trial, Depp claimed that, in an argument in March 2015, Hard threw a large vodka bottle at him, striking and smashing the tip of his broken glass. With details of multiple sexual assaults, including bottles and more, Hard said a ragging and plastered Depp lost his money while filming his Rocky in Australia. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man Tell No Tales.

Not just video and audio, but psychologist’s notes, diary entries, and X-rays, all of which were presented in broad, drawn-out detail. When it comes to Depp’s finger, the expert witness on one side meets the orthopedic surgeon and the expert witness on the other side meets the orthopedic surgeon. Both, it should be noted, were well paid for their time and insights.

The dual claim on whether each has been abused, however, misses a significant point about the defamation suit.

Depp claims that he was defamed by Hard, which damaged his one-time blockbuster career. Post Op-Ed Hard’s team testified from Depp’s then-UTA agent that the actor’s consistency and substance abuse on the set in 2015 was already becoming a major issue, before Op-Ed and even the couple’s 2016 2016 temporary ban order-stigmatized divorce. Hard’s legal team, led by Ellen Bradhoft and Ben Rottenburn, argued that Disney wanted to exclude Depp. Pirates First franchise Post Op-ed, although Depp may not have done himself any good by admitting, if he were alive today, he wouldn’t have taken the role anyway.

When Rottenburn asked Depp during the interrogation, “If Disney brings you $ 300 million and one million Alpacas, nothing in this world will bring you back to work with Disney.” Caribbean pirates Movies? Right? “” That’s true, “Depp said.

Yet, leaving aside moments of such clarity, the mystery is why Herd’s team, instead of focusing more fully on the jury’s focus on the elements needed to prove a defamation suit, allows themselves and their clients to get bogged down in every detail of the couple. And every war and disagreement. If the tactic was to defeat Depp’s team in his own game and overwhelm the jury with so many photos, texts and audio clips that they would conclude that it suppressed common sense, at least there was no example of domestic violence. Edward Caesarhands Actor – Hard’s team lost the plot and sometimes lost the attention of the jury.

The fact of the matter is, all Hard has to do is show that what he wrote about enduring domestic violence, which can take many forms, was a true statement. Looks like a clear pivot from any point of view, Hard was almost completely absent from the team to go on the offensive and ask a clear question during the trial: If this is a defamation suit, why isn’t Johnny Depp suing? The Washington Post?

Although Post As one of the justifications for suing Hard in the Old Dominion was offered to print its paper in Virginia, the company has never significantly been a defendant in this case.

The answer may be that Depp did not want to take the risk of fighting the deep-pocketed Bezos and instead decided to take another divorce proceeding, sorted out as a defamation suit, the latter of which carried all the risks with him that would be publicized for him and Herd’s dirty laundry. Judge Penny Azcart has been in court for years, and especially for the past two months. Depp’s former agents and handlers may be convinced that his determination to pursue the lawsuit is actually hurting his career, but Depp believes this is a strategy that will prove him, although he acknowledges that abuse claims have always been a black mark on his reputation. There will be.

When he took the position of witness for the final time this week, the somewhat remorseful Depp told the judges again that “no matter what happens, I’m here and I’ve told the truth and I’ve spoken for what I’ve been doing. I’ve been reluctant for six years.”

Maybe he’s right.

Maybe all the attention of the trial gave him a better shot in the court of public opinion than the process of divorce. Maybe he lost this trial but somehow he won. Maybe he will be held as a turning point in the countermeasures of the #MeToo movement, which can be frustrating for lawyers. Or maybe it will be considered as another strange personality of his, who hugs his team of fans outside the court, even if he loses his first lawsuit.

Arriving at the courthouse this morning, Depp told the camera, “Alpacas. Dinosaurs. All kinds of things. It’s like heaven. “His fans liked it. The media rolled it up. Online, Hard was relentlessly attacked and humiliated, with no one calling for restraint from Depp; He vowed to bring down his ex-wife.

Knowing full well that more lawsuits or appeals are coming, regardless of who wins, the question now is will the jury be able to set aside the dense foggy clown show and spotlight the real legal policy at hand? Whether the first amendment or not, much can be expected at this moment.

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