Johnny Depp’s Attorney Challenges Amber Hard’s Attack Account – Deadline

Amber Hardy faced another controversial testimony on Tuesday morning, as one of Johnny Depp’s attorneys tried to cast doubt on the jury’s claim that her ex-husband had assaulted her.

Camille Vasquez challenged Hard about an argument she had with Depp in March 2015, when they were in a rented house in Australia shooting a movie. During the collision, the upper part of one of Depp’s fingers was cut off. He claims that he got hurt when Hard threw a bottle of vodka at him. His attorneys claim Depp injured himself and testify that Depp sexually assaulted him with a bottle during the confrontation.

Vasquez asked Hard about the sequence of events during the fight more than once: when he said that Depp broke a phone, cut off his finger and pinned him. But Hard said he can’t remember the sequence of events and didn’t claim otherwise.

At the point, Vasquez’s cross-examination has become a matter of reminding the jury of the opposite claims of what happened.

“Depp lost the tip of his finger after you threw the bottle at him, didn’t he?” Vasquez says.

“It’s wrong,” Hard said, looking at the jury occasionally.

“You’re the one who bottled up someone in Australia, isn’t that right, Miss Hard?”

“I did not attack Johnny in Australia. I never attacked Johnny, “Hard replied.

Then, Vasquez told Hard, “That night in Australia, after you cut off his finger with the bottle, you didn’t scare him at all.”

Looking at the jury, Hard said, “This guy who tried to kill me, of course it’s scary, he’s my husband too.”

Vasquez further noted that Hard did not seek medical treatment. “There is no single medical record for any of these injuries,” he said.

Earlier in the day, Vasquez challenged Hard on why he gave Depp a knife as a gift in 2012, as he testified that he was physically violent towards her at the time.

As he showed the real knife in the courtroom, Vasquez asked, “Is that the knife you gave to the man who was hitting you, just Miss Hard?”

He replied, “I wasn’t worried he would stab me with it when I gave it to him, that’s for sure.”

Hard said 2012 was the “best time” of their relationship because Depp had been quiet for some part of the year.

Depp sued Hard for $ 50 million in defamation in a 2018 edition of the Washington Post, in which Hard wrote that he had “become a public figure representing domestic violence, and felt the full force of our culture’s wrath for the women I can speak to.” Depp has denied any wrongdoing. He has sued for 100 million to claim his story was fabricated.

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