Johnny Depp’s “Victim Blaming” Amber Hard’s lawyers say – deadline

Updated, 11:58 AM PT: “We ask the ladies and gentlemen to hold Mr. Depp accountable for his actions,” Amber Hard’s lawyer Ben Rottenburn shouted today in the final moments of Johnny Depp’s $ 50 million defamation suit against his ex-wife. “Stand up for everyone who is a victim of domestic violence. Stand up for freedom of speech. Give Amber Hard her life back.

With less than ten minutes to go before their final statement, Hard’s defense team has been in favor of the constitutional manipulator for the last two months, with the very last word in the Lorraine case that has fascinated America and the world.

“It’s easy, if you believe Depp once abused Amber … then your job is very easy,” Rottenburn told the jury in the Virginia courtroom. “You can not only deny Mr Depp’s claim, but also guarantee Amber’s counter-claim.

Following in her footsteps, Heard is repeatedly called a “liar” and “played a role in his life,” and Depp’s abusive remarks are thrown into the carpet as “a dark, ugly humor.” Was

More than six weeks into the Virginia courtroom, this widely covered trial stems from a lawsuit filed by Depp against the Washington Post’s op-ed in late March 2019, 2018. In that part of the broadsheet, owned by Jeff Bezos, Hard describes himself as “a public figure representing domestic violence” and details the radius of explosion he and other women have experienced.

Although he did not say anything about the effect during the couple’s 2016 order-filled divorce, Depp insisted for the past three years that he had never abused Hard. The fired Fantastic Beasts actor has actually claimed that he was abused in a relationship, failing to dismiss the lawsuit, and filed a মামলা 100 million counter-suit in the summer of 2020. That counter-suit came just months before Depp was found guilty of failing to file a defamation suit against The Sun tabloids for calling her a “wife beater”.

Six weeks after the trial, Judge Penny moved away from concluding arguments and final directions from Azcart, and a seven-member jury is now hearing the defamation suit. Although Depp’s Brown Rudick’s legal team provided the sharpest POV for most trials, Hard’s defense was difficult for the First Amendment in their conclusion. The power of the 11th hour defense pivot now rests on the jury, perhaps in the very few, very late allegations of physical, mental, verbal and sexual abuse, and in the parade of fewer witnesses than the star that has dominated the trial since April 11.

Of course, it won’t end if Depp wins his defamation suit or Hard wins his $ 100 million counter-claim. Outside of Fairfax County Courthouse, the reputation of both parties has been tarnished. Inside the court system, you can almost bet that Black Pearl will be an appeal. For the record, Depp Rupert has tried unsuccessfully to file an appeal for damages in his 2020 UK defamation suit against The Sun, owned by Murdoch.

Now we are waiting.

Previously, 9:24 AM PT: “This whole case is about blaming Amber Hard for what she didn’t do.” Aquaman The star’s lawyer has asked a Virginia court today to end his ে 50 million defamation suit against Johnny Depp against his ex-wife.

Attorney Ben Rottenburn began defending the jury and Judge Penny Azcaret on Friday, “but whatever Mr. Depp does, he always does.” “Blame other people, refuse to take responsibility. But the problem for him here is that he has been running for the US Constitution for a long time. “

How To Watch Johnny Depp-Amber Hard Trial: Livestream Link And Trial Schedule

“Most of what you’ve heard in this trial, you don’t have to decide,” Rottenburn, a predominantly measured one, insisted after six weeks of “heinous abuse” claims and highly explanatory testimony, described by both Depp and Hard, various staff. , Doctors, family members, friends and well-paid hangar-on. Rottenburn called the entire case and trial “the most heinous crime victim” by Depp and his Brown Rudick lawyers.

After falling into various traps by Depp’s team and seemingly losing the plot over and over again, Hard’s team has finally come out accurately in America’s sacred document today.

“Does the First Amendment give Mrs. the right to write the words she wrote in this article on December 18, 2018?” Rottenburn asked rhetorically. “Would you be able to write such an article in the United States without going through hell?” He went on to say the focus of the trial.

“Ladies and gentlemen, let me be very clear, Amber, if ever abused by Mr. Depp, he will win,” Rottenburn added, calling Depp “ridiculous” that he never insulted his Ram Diary co-star. “They’re trying to trick you into believing that Amber has to be perfect to win. In fact, if he fails to prove that he didn’t abuse Amber once, he will win.”

Depp sued Hard on December 18, 2018, in March 2019 The Washington Post The op-ed actress writes about being a “public figure representing domestic abuse”. Although Op-End never mentioned Depp’s name, the former Oscar nominee claimed that it had “ruined” his already ruined career. As his attorneys repeatedly announced in the trial, which began on April 11, Depp reiterated in 2019 that he was the one who actually abused the relationship. As raised this morning, Depp’s claims are a clear contradiction of what both parties said publicly in the 2016 temporary restraining order.

Marking Depp as vindictive on Friday, Rottenburn said the actor would “do whatever he can to ruin your life, ruin your career.”

“Just because people read the article and remember that Amber Hard was married to Johnny Depp and accused him of abuse, does not mean that he designed and intended defamatory influence in writing about himself,” Rottenburn added. Has opened the closing defense defense, which is expected to last a few hours today.

Failing to dismiss the lawsuit or move out of Virginia, Hard sued in 2020 for 100 100 million. The counterattack came just months before the UK defamation suit against The Sun tabloids for calling Depp a “wife beater” in November 2020 failed dramatically.

“This is the real Johnny Depp,” the lawyer said, referring to allegations of sexual harassment and from former Pirates of the Caribbean star to friends like Paul Betany of The Avengers and staff, death threats, sexual violence and “and global insults against Hard.” Audio tape of “Monster” Depp self-describing as he shouts at Herd that he is a “f * cking c * nt” and a disturbing 2016 video of an annoying Depp breaking into a kitchen called “Motherf * car” For maximum effect after the Earth Closing Argument. “It’s abusive,” Rottenburn said, referring to Depp’s habit of making jokes while showing such evidence in Fairfax County courthouse.

Briefly listing all the allegations and dirty laundry that has stunned most of this circus in the trial, Rottenburn said “there is nothing in the article.” He added: It would be a very different article if he were to write about what he has suffered, what he has told you about the last six weeks.

“Absolutely irresistible misuse of information,” Rottenborn recounted near the end of his presentation, which was interrupted in moments by an amber warning going off the phones of numerous courtiers. “Any damage to Mr. Depp’s career is self-inflicted.”

Rottenburn will be successful in court by his fellow defense attorney Elaine Bradhoft, who will argue the counter-claim. After that, Depp’s side will have one hour to argue and then Hard’s team will have another hour to speak to the jury. If all goes well, a seven-member jury will go behind closed doors this afternoon to consider their case.

Theoretically, we see a verdict today, before Memorial Day Long Weekend begins. However, in all likelihood, discussions will continue in the weeks following the holiday.

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