Jon Favreau is already developing Mandalarian Season 4

Jon Favreau is already developing Season 4 Star wars Series, Mandalarian.

The success of Disney Plus, one of the most successful streaming services in the industry, can be attributed to their inaugural flagship series, Mandalarian. The show, produced by John Favreau, is widely regarded as one of the biggest critical successes. Star wars The franchise since George Lucas sold Lucasfilm in 2012. Season 3 is set to debut on February 2023, but Favreau is already working hard to develop Season 4.

In an interview with Cinema Blend, Jon discusses Favreau’s future Mandalay, And how it will continue to expand Star Wars:

“With television, we’re lucky that we don’t have to rush things in an hour and a half, two hours. We can tell stories slowly. So now, as Dave [Filoni]Ahasoka is informing me a lot about what I am writing for [The Mandalorian] Season 4. It becomes – how I put it – more precise. “

John Favreau has touched on more possibilities Star wars Crossover through Mandalay, Which seems to include more tie-ins with other stories:

“When I was writing the first season of Mandalarian, I could do anything, set up anywhere. Dave [Filoni] It will read, we want to go back, I will adjust. And there it was. Now we need to find out why there are some Mandlorians who are wearing helmets, certain people who are not wearing helmets, what is happening in Mandlor, what is Bo-Katan doing at that time? How does he feel about that? Where’s the Dark Service? So it’s really a fertile ground for imagination, for storytelling. “

Following a polarizing sequel trilogy, Lucasfilm seems to be looking to critical and commercial success. Mandalarian As an opportunity to further expand its knowledge Star wars. Recently, Kathleen Kennedy stated that the franchise wants to move beyond the Skywalker saga, and when it comes to television topics, John Favreau and Dave Filoney want to explore more exciting and original stories that would not be the limitations of a feature film. Be able to display.

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Source: Cinema Blend

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