Juicy Smollett is ready to make her directorial debut

It seems that Juicy Smollett Ready to debut under his management. See the latest reports about the people below.

Shed Room says: ‘Looks like #JussieSmollett is ready to make his directorial debut! BET + has picked up Juicy’s “B-Boy Blues”, which is set to debut on the streaming platform on June 9. The project is a film adaptation of a novel by #JamesEarlHardy, and follows the incredibly beautiful story of Mitchell Crawford, a college student. Raheem Reverse, an educated journalist from Brooklyn and bike messenger from Harlem. The film tapped #MonascottYong as a producer and stars #BroderickHunter, #Laddy, #Timothirichardson and #Brandy Evans. ‘

Someone said: ‘Gurl she has already made her debut in management,’ and one commenter posted this: ‘I’m glad she has another chance to make a living.’

One fan said: ‘No thanks because the story is probably based on a lie,’ and one commenter posted this message: ‘Kim, there are people who are dying !!!!’

Someone else said: ‘They will hate you until you win again.’

Looks like something new is happening Juicy Smollett The case. See the latest reports below.

TSR note: ‘Hui Chile, it looks like #JussieSmollett either wants a new trial in court or a verdict not guilty of lying to the police.’

TSR said: ‘If you recall, the judges convicted Juicy in December of five counts of disorderly conduct. According to TMZ_tv, Juicy’s defense team has submitted new documents asking the judge to return the verdict.

In Docs, Juicy claims that the court violated his constitutional right when it barred his defense from actively participating in the jury selection process. His defense claims that prosecutors have shown a pattern of racism in the selection of judges. (SWIPE) ‘TSR note.

Someone said: ‘Still going? He is a criminal. Farewell let’s move on already, ’and another follower posted it:‘ Highly ATP Late Ride. I forgot everything and we have big fish to fry. ‘

One follower said: ‘I still want to know how he came up with it, as he wanted to do it.’

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