Julia Roberts presents Trophy Chopard 2022 emerging movie stars

Julia Roberts Trophy Chopard 2022 presents to emerging film stars. As part of the 75th Cannes Film Festival, a gala dinner was held where famous friends of the House of Chopard, actor Sheila Atim and Jack Loden were presented with the coveted Trophy Chopard 2022 statue.

The history of Trophy Chopard began 20 years ago. In 2001, for the first time, an aspiring talented actress and actor was awarded at a special event included in the official program of the Cannes Film Festival, at the initiative of Caroline Schuffel, Chopard’s vice-president and artistic director. The Trophy Chopard Award symbolizes the unlimited support given to the “seventh industry” of the jewelry company, a traditional partner of the Cannes Film Festival for 25 years.

The winners of this year’s awards, presented by Julia Roberts, a famous friend of the House of Chopard, are Sheila Atim and Jack Loden. Shila Atim is a Ugandan-British actress, composer and playwright. Jack Loden is a Scottish theater, film and television actor; You can recognize him from Nikolai Rostov’s role in the BBC mini-series War and Peace. The first people to congratulate them were Pierre Lescure (festival president), Thierry Framux (general director of the festival), and Caroline and Carl-Friedrich SchāĻĢfel (Chopard’s vice president).

Other guests of the evening included Lashana Lynch, Rebecca Hall, William Abadi, Rossi de Palma and other actors, directors and members of the Cannes 2022 Jury. In a previous post, actress, philanthropist, and face of the new Chopard Happy Diamonds campaign dedicated to the joys of life, Julia Roberts sincerely appreciates the opportunity to share her thoughts and beliefs with others: “After all, not all women can achieve this.” We are glad that this time, he tells us what he thinks and what he values.

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