Julianne Moore and Sandra Oh Margaret Atwood Set for Adaptation – Deadline

Exclusive: Oscar winner Julianne Moore (Alice still) And Killing Eve Star Sandra is ready to star in the Oh Hot Cane Market package Stone mattressWhich Lynn Ramsey (You weren’t really here) Will be directed from the acclaimed New Yorker Short story by The Handmaid’s Tale Author Margaret Atwood.

The blue-chip revenge thriller, set on an Arctic cruise ship, aims to shoot in September at locations in Greenland and Iceland.

Amazon has already made room for domestic. Producer is Oscar winner John Lesser (Birdman) And Oscar nominee Joan Cellar (There will be blood) Is in final talks to join StudioCanal and Film 4 Rivera’s pre-launch sales.

Moore will play Werner, a 60-year-old retired physiotherapist and twice a widow who embarks on a luxury cruise on the Arctic Northwest Passage, a great and silent melting pot of privileged, influential and wealthy retirees. On the ship, Werner meets the friendly and charming Grace (oh) and the seemingly ordinary Bob (casting in the process), a companion in the mid-sixties who inherited a family business. Although she lacks a part of Werner’s elegance and intelligence, Bob tries to seduce her. But he may not be the stupid but innocent person he initially thought he was, and his presence hurts Verna. As the wounds and humiliation from his past resurrection, the smooth environment of the cruise will be disturbed by a heinous act.

Ramsay says of the movie: “With the current denial of women’s rights around the world, especially in America, the story of the overthrow of Rowe Wade seems to be more important than ever, with the contents of her stolen motherhood and countless sexual assaults.”

The script came from Ramsay and Tom Townend. Dylan Weatherd (Pale blue eyes) And Daniel Lupine (West Side Story) Executive Producer. StudioCanal will cover the territories of France, United Kingdom, Germany and Aus / NZ.

Ramsay expands: “I first read Margaret Atwood when I was a teenager, and her work has gripped me ever since. He is simply one of the most intelligent, predictable and engaging and engaging writers around Stone mattress That is another perfect example. I was immediately captivated by the way post-menopausal women were deeply buried trauma – an age group we rarely hear – through Vernar’s dynamic and versatile character. “

She went on to say: “From its tongue-in-cheek humor to its ice vengeance moments and subtle depictions of a mental repression specific to the Boomer generation, this is a story I wanted to implement on-screen since my first reading. With the current revocation of rights, especially the overthrow of Rowe Wade in America, this story, with its theme of stolen motherhood and incalculable sexual abuse, seems even more important than before. The opportunity to do so would lend the story another level of destruction. Stone mattress To express the raw emotion below, seeing Werner’s pain and anger melt before our eyes year after year. “

Ramsay was represented by WME and Josh Verney at 42. Moore is represented by WME. Oh rept by UTA and Principal Entertainment.

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