June Films launches Clemens Poesy with Aryan Labed Project – Deadline

Exclusive: French film executive Naomi Denamur and Julie Billy Paris-based independent production company Jun Films are launching a sensational film and TV slate. Get down For the company’s current lineup.

After meeting Celluloid Dreams 15 years ago, the pair have been assembling their first slate for the past 18 months and are now making movies with talent, including Clemens Poesy (Tunnel), Aryan Lebed (Mary Magdalene) And Hafsia Harji (Good mother)

The idea is to be director-driven and genre agnostic, and the company will gain extensive experience in manufacturing and international distribution to enhance the potential of their projects.

Billy previously worked at Hout at Court, where he made over a dozen films, including the Cannes 2020 title. GagarinJonas Carpignano’s ear director’s Fortnight movie To the cheerleader And The Night It’s the World By Dominic Rocher.

Denamur is known for its work in international sales (MK2, Indy Sales and Le Pact) and its acquisition of distribution companies such as Ad Vitam in France and Elastica in Spain.

As a producer, the company is primarily working on women-fronted French and English-language projects, but will also look to co-produce with foreign directors. Both Denamur and Billy speak fluent English.

June Aligned Five features as the main producer include:

Hafsia Harji ‘Its third feature, later Good mother (Un Certain regard 2021) and You deserve a boyfriend (Critic Week 2019), adapted from The Little Last (The last one) By Fatima Das. Shooting is planned for Q2 2023 The 2021 novel, which created a lot of conversation in France, charts the travels of a lesbian Muslim woman who grows up on a sand. [suburb] Outside Paris. She faces not only institutional racism and bullying but also a fight with a family who wanted a son instead of a daughter.

AmazonDirected by Emma Benestan (Fragile), An advanced genre film that explores the world of bull racing and will shoot on farms and wide open spaces in the Camargu region.

The following three films are being co-developed with Hout at Court:

Clemens Poesy

Clemens Poes

Actress Clemens Poesy’s English-language debut, co-written by Georgia Oakley (Blue gin), Taken from Anna Hope’s favorite novel Expectations, Which was translated into 20 languages The acclaimed novel of 2019 depicts the dreams and frustrations of a group of women in East London. The film is a co-production between June, Howe at Court and UK banner potboiler by Andrea Calderwood and Gayle Egan, whose accomplishments include The last king of Scotland And Constant gardener.

Gagarin Director Fanny Liatard and Jérémy Trouilh’s June are working with a Features of the French language Which is being co-written Amelie, I lost my body And Big bug Author Guillaume Laurent; And an English-language film with a US producer partner, the details of which are being kept secret.

June Co-production slate There are also two features due to the shoot before the end of the year:

The second feature after Carlo Sironi Soul (Venice’s Orrizonti, 2019), co-produced by Giovanni Pompili Alcaras (Berlinel Golden Bear, 2022);

And the debut feature of actress Aryan Labed SistersAn English language film produced by Dear Picture of outfit material in Ireland. Souvenir, Mary Magdalene And Lobster Actress Labed brief instructions Stay Which won Best First Fiction at Clermont-Ferrand in 2020.

June is also working on a TV project. The equipment is developing a limited series, adapted from Bathoclan’s Mithomaniac By Alexander Kaufmann (who co-wrote the series) Prayer Authors Fanny Bardino and Samuel Dox. Developed alongside StudioFact, the series has already generated strong interest from potential buyers. The plot follows a woman who falsely claimed to be the victim of a terrorist attack.

Billy and Denamur told us: “June brings together a family of filmmakers we’ve seen over the years. We will encourage the emergence of new talent while offering a modern production model. The company’s goal is to protect the vision of its filmmakers, guide them in the international market and focus on our line-up of director-driven movies that put different perspectives on the world. “

Continued: “The epidemic has shown that there will always be a need for new materials. At a time when streamers, studios and financiers are looking for exciting European filmmakers, our talent relationship and access to emerging voices have put us in a suitable position in the market. “

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