Kandi Baras is celebrating Rasheda Frost’s birthday with a juicy photo

Kandi Baras Celebrated its birthday Rasheda Frost . To mark the occasion, he shared some juicy pictures on his social media account.

‘Happy Birthday to my sister Rashida !!!!! I love you and I’m glad to see you continue to be the boss of the world! Give everyone heedrasheeda some birthday love and watch her new show #BossMoves on @philotv! ‘ Kandi wrote.

Many fans came to the comments section and congratulated Rasheda.

Someone said this about Kandi: ‘Why she looks like Riley in the first picture,’ and more fans praised the gorgeous women.

One follower posted the message: ‘I see so much emotion in your eyes! I want to nurture my body for you! ‘

Kandi Baras He shared some pictures of one night with his girls and fans could not have enough women. Check out the post he shared on his social media account below.

‘I’ve been getting my life all week! Last night there was no difference. Love Vibes with @drewsidora @yandysmith and @sanyarichiross! ‘ Dr. Kandi.

Someone said: ‘Crying is like having more than one business and one social life.’

One commenter posted this: ‘I can see Sanya and Drew being made …. you all look beautiful.’ Another follower said: ‘Oh I shoot even though you are four times as much.’

Kandi Baras করছেন Praising a fancy restaurant opened by Yandi Smith Check out the post he shared on his social media account below.

‘A week ago today my daughter opened their new restaurant at andyandysmith & @mendeecees AtL @ dancincrepeatl! Congratulations family !!!! Love everyone! Keep on winning! ‘ Dr. Kandi.

Someone else said: ‘Happy birthday to the inventor of the scrub. Happy National Baras Day, ‘and one commenter posted it:’ Look at her, how she looks …. now @ porsha4real they are this birthday photo 1la @ ShemaMarton is crying now তাই so I know when Sis hit Urs’ I hope you eat and don’t break into pieces. ‘

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