Kanye West has become a full time super dad. The hearts of the fans melt.

Kanye’s public life has always been the subject of controversy, whether it’s the explosion of the public or the melting of social media, the Chicago rapper has always been able to find a way to keep himself in the spotlight.

The most recent major development in the artist’s life occurred in February 2021, when his wife and reality TV star, Kim Kardashian Have filed for divorce, and have been requested in the joint legal custody of their 4 beautiful children. What happened next on social media and much later in the couple’s life.

However, some of the misconceptions that Kani manages to get the public’s attention to her include some of the right ways, the most popular of which is her super-gestures for people close to her heart. An episode of “The Kardashians” aired on 19 shows an example of a rapper’s behavior. M Hulu could be on the network.

You pulled her to take her girls to school, but in classic canine fashion, she chose to put it in a fire truck. Yay’s two daughters, North and Chicago, are seeing excitement. Father-daughters are seen sitting in the back of a truck wearing trio firefighter helmets and spending their lives in Chicago and the North. Even Mao came out to shoot a video which may be one of their favorite memories.

Although people are very polarized in the Kim vs. Kanye debate, many people on the Internet came together and agreed that Kanye’s gestures were heartwarming for his children and no matter what he did in his public life, he remained a highly dedicated and loving father. To all her children.

Kani commented, “I think some people are ashamed to be super dads. Everyone wants to be a quiet dad and sometimes you have to wear a fire hat. You know what I mean? Sometimes you have to dress like an Easter bunny. “

The divorced couple have four children together, Northwest, age 8, St. West, age 6, Chicago West, age 4 and Sam West, age 3.

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