Kate McKinnon opens the final ‘Saturday Night Live’ with a close face-off

Live Saturday night Opened with one of the show’s most popular skits: “Close Encounter”, this time outgoing cast member Kate McKinnon is leaving because Colin Raffer is actually leaving in an alien spaceship.

At the end of the sketch, a Pentagon official told the alien kidnapped trio (including Cecily Strong and this week’s host Natasha Leon) that the aliens “offered the US government access to some of their technology if any of you agreed to go with them permanently.”

“Well, I can read the room. It’s me, isn’t it? ”Raffert said.“ Of course, and why not. However, I always felt like an alien on this planet. “

The rapper then plays Richard Dreyfus The third type of intimate meeting, When he boarded the spaceship, he turned around and said goodbye to the audience, “Well, Earth. I love you, thank you for letting me stay for a while. “

Then, for the last time as a regular, McKinnon said, “Live from New York, it’s Saturday night

The opener was a particularly suitable way to mark McKinnon’s final show since joining the cast in 2012, as the raffle is one of his most popular and memorable characters. McKinnon is one of the few cast members to leave the show, a list that includes Pete Davidson, Eddie Bryant and Kyle Muni.

As with past “close encounter” sketches, the opener raffer shares much different alien experiences than his fellow kidnappers. When Pentagon officials spoke of their spiritual awakening as they met visitors from another planet, Rafferty described his brutal confrontation with the foreigner, as he mentioned his genitals with rhyme and pronunciation.

“I was not lifted so gently that I was pushed into the sky by some kind of claw machine device. And remember I’m doing a squat pop in the middle at the moment, so I slide out of my slacks. I’m being rocked up to the ship with my cuddle and pruning chute. I’ve rarely been able to get my Wonderware up and running again. “

“So I get dumped on board the bottom of the ship and I see my old friends, the little gray aliens with big dumb eyes, and it hits me, ‘Colin, this might be the most stable relationship you have.’ “

And so it went.

“It simply came to our notice then. I get on board and the gray aliens, God bless them, they are already standing in line waiting to bat around my knuckles. So I thought, ‘What the heck, play the hit, don’t you?’ I started unbuttoning my blouse, but I’m still in my ski, which is really loose. And the full view of my animal here. Not too graphic, but frankly, it’s a jungle out there. I’ve got a lot more hair than a hipster’s beard stuffed in an N95 mask. I’m not proud of it, but hey, why would anyone clean the house if no one came?

Check out tonight’s cold open bidding McKinnon farewell above.

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