Kate Moss Counter Stair Event – Deadline

Kate Moss has given very brief testimony in the Johnny Depp-Amber Hard defamation suit, denying that the actor pushed her down the stairs while dating her in the 1990s.

Instead, Moss said Depp came to his aid.

He said they were staying at the Golden Eye Resort in Jamaica and during a rainstorm, “As soon as I got out of the house I fell down the stairs and my back hurt. I screamed because I was in pain.” He said Depp came to his aid and took him back home and received his medical treatment.

“He never pushed me, kicked me or threw me down any kind of ladder,” he said from Gloucester, England, where he was linked via a video link.

Moss and Depp dated from 1994 to 1998, he said. Depp’s legal team called her as a witness, but Hard later referred to the supermodel in her testimony.

Earlier this month, Hard testified that during one of their arguments, in March 2015, Depp jumped on his sister Whitney, who was near the flight of stairs. Hard said “I immediately think of Kate Moss and the ladder in my head” and then try to stop Depp by punching him.

When Hard mentions Moss, Depp’s attorney, Benjamin Chiu, turns around and gives a handful of pumps to another attorney, Camille Vasquez, while Depp smiles. The actor’s legal team saw this as an opportunity to bring Moss to trial as a rebuttal witness, reinforcing their claim that Hardy was involved in domestic violence. Hardy cited the rumor in his testimony during Depp’s defamation trial in The UK against The Sun. He lost the case.

Hard’s team chose not to cross-examine Moss, meaning his testimony was only a few minutes long.

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