Katherine Hardwick re-imagines the QUII series ‘Don’t Look Dipper’ as a feature –

Exclusive: Catherine Hardwick (Thirteen) Breathed new life Don’t look deeper, A short-form series has been created for the defunct streaming platform Quibi, which has now been reconfigured as a feature. Veterans will screen full shots and full images to buyers worldwide during the Cannes Film Market, which is run by Thomas Augsburger’s Eden Rock Media U.S. Sales.

Don’t look deeper A sci-fi thriller originally conceived as a 14-episode series with a budget of $ 12 million. The film follows Ayesha (Helena Howard), a high school veteran who can’t help but feel bad about her. In fact, it’s not মানুষ he’s not human. A series of revelations about who he really is, where he came from and who started looking for his sets in motion that suddenly puts his life in danger. Oscar nominee Don Chadle (Black Monday) And BAFTA Award nominee Emily Mortimer (Mary Poppins Returns) Also star.

Missing Co-produced by Jeffrey Lieber and Charlie MacDonald Hardwick, the latest cast includes Emma Harvath, John Luis Castellano, Belissa Escobedo, Kaiwi Liman, Harvey Jilinski, Harvey Guillain, Brandon Winner, and Kyle Gilbour. Hardwick, Kathleen Grace, and Laura Schwartz, as well as Jade Weintrub and Juliana Tatlock, for Michael McGarry and Francesca Smith NEO Studios, Doug Lyman’s 30 Ninjas.

Hardwick is an Independent Soul Award nominee who recently directed the play The prisoner’s daughterStarring Kate Beckinsale, John Huertas and Brian Cox, Guillermo del Toro also directed an episode of the Netflix Anthology series, Curiosity cabinet. The producer has also directed the film recently This is us And the expected properties of Olivia Wilde, produced by Exec, Don’t worry darling, So he starred with Florence Pug, Chris Pine and Harry Styles. Among his past achievements as a director are films Miss Bala, Miss you already, Red riding hood, Twilight, Birth story, Lords of Dogtown And Thirteen. He has been replaced by CAA, Management and Sloane, Offer, Weber and Darn.

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