Kendall and Caitlin Jenner were seen having dinner a week after Caitlin’s omission

Kendall Jenner and Caitlin Jenner Saturday, May 28 was seen walking out of a restaurant after enjoying a meal together in Malibu. The two are seen deeply in conversation when they come out and share a warm hug before parting. Their relationship seems to be a stable and warm one, although only a week ago almost all Kardashians and Jenners were present at the wedding of Courtney Kardashian and Travis Barker when Caitlin was not significantly invited. The only other member of the family who was not present was Rob Kardashian.

The wedding of Courtney Kardashian and Travis Barker took place in Portofino, Italy. It was a gorgeous event that lasted all weekend. However, both Courtney and Travis decided to keep the event’s guest list limited to those close to them, noting that Caitlin was not invited. No public comment was made by the former Olympian, but reports say Caitlin was shocked by the decision.

Courtney, Kholo and Kim, Caitlin’s honest daughter. The Kardashian sisters shared a warm relationship with Caitlin and even supported her when announcing her gender reassignment, until Caitlin published a memoir that cast a negative light on Kardashian’s biological mother, Chris. In support of their mother, the Kardashian sisters went against Caitlin. However, the matter was later resolved and the Kardashians developed a mild relationship with their honest parents.

Courtney mentioned with Kim and Khalo that they no longer have any resentment against Caitlin and even talked to her from time to time. Although the sisters do not talk about the relationship with much enthusiasm. In an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim insists that Caitlin supports her, but Kim is usually too busy to reach out to him.

When Kardashians run out of beef, Caitlin’s absence from the wedding says a lot about the situation.

Kylie and Kendall Jenner, on the other hand, who have been Caitlin’s biological daughters, have always been by Caitlin’s side, and Kendall’s recent encounter with Caitlin proves that their relationship remains strained.

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