Kendall Jenner, 26, tried to cut a cucumber but only made one instead

26 years old Kendall Jenner Tried to cut a cucumber but instead only internet users had to laugh. It is unlikely that any of Kendall Jenner’s fans would be surprised if we say that she is far from the best hostess. The 26-year-old model has made a brilliant career in the fashion industry and also has a fairly popular social media page. However, the simplest daily tasks can confuse him at the same time. And another proof of this is found in the new episode of the reality show Kardashians.

In it, Kendall arrives at his mother Chris’ home in Los Angeles. She decided that what she really needed to do was learn how to do it right. Knowing well about her daughter’s abilities, Chris Jenner Invite her to use the help of a chef who can easily prepare almost any dish for her. However, the fashion model herself was quite sure that she would be able to adapt to cutting vegetables. Spoiler alert: He made a mistake.

Kendall said he could easily cut a cucumber. In the end, however, confused Chris, who was watching his daughter’s clumsy posture, had to call a professional for help. “Cut it for her, please,” he asked the chef.

Naturally, this moment has become the most talked about on social networks. “I understand he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, but that’s how cucumbers are cut ?!” “When I saw how Kendall wanted to cut a cucumber, I first felt my superiority, and then I realized how much poorer I was because he could afford to ask a professional chef to cut a cucumber instead,” Internet users noted.

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