Kevin Costner practices batting as a shoeless Joe in Ray Leuter’s Field of Dreams

It was not in the script.

Kevin Costner went on social media to pay his respects Dream field Co-star Ray Leota, who died today at the age of 67. The Oscar winner, who played for his Cal State Fullerton team and starred in several baseball-themed movies, recalled the scene when his Ray Kinsella practiced batting at Leuter Schulz. Joe Jackson. Check out the tweets and clips below.

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On the Kinsela mound. After saying to himself, “I’m pitching to shoeless Joe Jackson,” he throws a curbball that Jackson hits directly at him. As soon as the low line drive drilled the ballbag to his feet, Kinsella went off the road and hit the deck. Callus gives a nervous smile as Jackson returns to her.

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“What happened at that moment in the film was real,” Costner wrote. “God gave us that stunt. Now there is a God. “

This is one of the most memorable moments between the two characters Dream field, Which is widely regarded as one of the greatest baseball movies. A lollipop occurs for Kinsella when Jackson tells her, “You weren’t invited” to join the ghost game – turning the farmer-turned-ballfield maker into angry, bitter, and gossipy.

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But shortly after, Kinsela sees Jackson smiling at her. The revived player then delivers the film’s signature line, making the plot clear with a twist: “If you make it,” he said, “they’ll come.” And goes away.

Grab a clinic and see that scene below Costner’s tweet. For the love of the game.

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